The Upward Stars Combine was a sensational event, and we at Phenom Hoops want to certainly thank all the staff there for allowing us to come check out the talent.  Many players from North and South Carolina were on deck, as we got a great refreshing view of players as well as learned about a few new names as well.

2026 Caden Coleman (Hillcrest): Coleman was a name that I was intrigued in watching, and he didn't disappoint. Coleman is a strong, skilled guard who is a playmaker with the ball in his hands. He creates well, gets in the paint and creates well, and displays tremendous athleticism in his game.  Coleman showed time after time that he could create for himself and score from multiple levels, and was at his best getting downhill.

2026 Ja'Quell Brown (Goose Creek): Brown is one that I continue to find intrigue with and is a young point guard that I would keep my eyes on.  He is a strong creator and crafty with his handles, as he is a strong creator and finisher.  Brown reads and sees the floor, can get paint touches, and is a stronger guard than many in his ability to finish through contact and embrace contact, to go along with his strong handles.

2026 Mike Jones (Indian Land): Jones continues to flourish and shows why he is looked at as one of the top point guards in the state of South Carolina. He is simply so quick on the court, blowing by defenders, attacking out in transition and getting by defenders with ease at times.  He also brings a strong presence on both ends as well.  Jones continues to show he can score in a variety of ways and use his advantage in his quickness to his advantage.

2025 Nas Berry (Fort Mill): Berry had a good showing at the event throughout, consistently showcasing his ability to create, find ways to score, knock down shots from multiple levels, and make good plays off the bounce.' He was strong in getting downhill and finishing around defenders, really flourishing around the basket.' Berry continues to be a strong presence, something he showed this summer on the Phenom platform.

2026 Korie Corbett (Ridge View): Corbett is a player that quickly grabs your attention if you haven't seen him, and is one that brings a lot of intrigue.  He is one that brings a lot of versatility to the court with is 6'4 size and skill set, as he can be productive in a variety of areas.  Corbett can handle the ball, create for himself and others, use his size to knock down shots over defenders, and brings tremendous athleticism to the court.