The Upward Stars Combine was a sensational event, and we at Phenom Hoops want to thank all the staff there for allowing us to check out the talent.' Many players from North and South Carolina were on deck, and we got a great refreshing view of players as well as learn about a few new names as well.

2025 Reggie Mack (Ridge View): Mack flourishes as a leader on the court, as he competes and plays hard on both ends of the court.' He is vocal, looks to get everyone where they need, finds his teammates well, and helps run the show.' Mack also does a great job in competing on the defensive end as well. He is a crafty finisher, shows a good IQ and feel for the game, and competes.

2025 Jordan Watford (Lancaster): Watford continues to be one of my favorite players in South Carolina, and I believe he is severely underrated in what he provides.' But also think it is just a matter of time for college coaches to catch on. What doesn't he provide on the court' Leadership, high high IQ, vision and ability to run the show, makes strong passes, has tremendous length for his position, and a strong ability to create and score downhill.' And he also showed that he can knock down shots from outside.' It is time for schools to recognize.

2025 Jonah Lawrence (Providence Day): The North Carolina prospect was on deck, and already know so much about his game, we were highly interested in seeing how he would flourish on the court.' Lawrence checks a lot of boxes with his feel, his size at his position, and his ability to knock down shots and score effectively.' Lawrence is at his best rising up over defenders with his jumper from multiple levels but brings a lot more to the table.' He is one that should be coveted by many programs.

2026 Brent Banks (Hickory Grove): Banks is a guard who goes under the radar here in North Carolina, but he continues to be that strong point guard who creates well.' He has strong handles, can create with his change of direction and pace, and even though he is 5'10, he isn't afraid to mix it up and be a strong finisher as well as a player who gets others involved.

2027 Ty Shine (Curtis Baptist): Shine is a player that has basketball in his blood, as his family certainly has made their mark on the court.' Shine though, who is a young guard to keep an eye on, continued to shine with his quickness and confidence as a playmaker.' He doesn't back down from anything, as he makes excellent reads, is strong out in the open floor, continues to be a vocal leader, and does a nice job in scoring or facilitating.