2024 6'5 Xavier Johnson (Fayetteville Academy): If there was a senior to watch out for more, Johnson would be one that I would highly look at this season. 'The 6'5 prospect continues to flourish as he is an athletic guard who simply knows how to score effectively from multiple levels, makes a presence on both ends, rebounds well for his position, and has a versatile skillset on the court. Look out for him to have a big season again.

2024 6'4 Jordan Patton (Chambers): It has been a broken record for what Patton provides, but we are he to remind you again that Patton simply makes your team better. Winning plays, a do-it-all type of player, and one that is the ultimate team guy.' Whether you need him to be a scoring presence, defend multiple positions, bring toughness and physicality to the court, or just be an overall impact, Patton does what is needed.

2024 6'6 Leslie Minter (Wilson Prep): Minter is an intriguing prospect with his 6'6 frame and his ability to stretch the floor with his shot-making capabilities.' Minter continues to show he can be a weapon from the outside, especially down in the corner in stretching the floor but also making plays in other ways.' He continues to be a leader on the court which shows he can be a tremendous piece on the court.

2024 6'10 Derrick Green (Fayetteville Academy): Green brings the size and frame that makes him tough to handle, and he showed that again at times at the camp.' With his body, he can certainly punish defenders down in the paint, finish strong and through defenders at the rim, and simply bully his way around the paint to help on the boards.'