The state of North Carolina is blessed with an overabundance of talent. In the North Carolina 2018 class, 60 plus players signed with D1 schools and another 40 plus signed to play at the D2, D3, NAIA or Juco level. Quite impressive numbers! This year, the 2019 class is on the same course to have 100 plus players continue to play at the collegiate level. In our unsigned senior spotlight, we want to take a closer look at 6’6 Zack Austin of Winston-Salem Prep in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and is someone that we strongly feel is a scholarship-worthy player.


There’s a lot to like with Austin, who seems to improve every time we see him, whether with his high school or Team Winston. He’s quite versatile and possesses a quality mix of offensive skills for his size. Austin is capable of scoring the ball on all three levels and has continued to develop the consistency of his three-point stroke. He is long, rangy, and understands how to properly utilize his length to his advantage. Austin offers a terrific balance between IQ, skill, athleticism, and long-term upside, even though he’s already productive. He’s also among the main leaders of this tough Winston-Salem Prep squad, which has gone 14-4 while remaining unbeaten in conference play.


After our High School Jam Fest, we stated, As vital as Gwyn was to this team, it would’ve been an extremely long day if they were without Zack Austin and his consistent effort on the interior. He was their main rim-protector and blocked numerous shots as a result. If Austin can continue to develop offensively, he will certainly be one to monitor going forward.”That certainly seemed to carry over into their current season, as he’s posting nightly averages of 12.2 points, 9.8 rebounds, 2.9 blocks, and 1.1 steals while shooting 47% from the floor and 42% from three. As mentioned earlier, his development process is far from over, so it’ll be exciting to see his continued growth over the next few years, as he should be enjoying success at the college level.


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