At the beginning of each new year, Phenom Hoops works to assemble a series of articles centered around unsigned senior prospects. Last season, over one hundred players from North Carolina went on to play at the Division I, II, III or NAIA levels, and that number looks likely to continue increasing with the current senior class. Typically, we take a closer look at guys who are overlooked and underrated, and today’s edition will highlight Demetrius Washington of Mountain Island Charter and Team Phoenix. 

There are so many enticing prospects within North Carolina that it can become difficult to differentiate between some players in comparison to others. However, Washington is a guy that we feel very strongly about as one of the more underrated guards within the state, especially given his production over the last calendar year. He’s slightly undersized but quick, strong, intelligent, and has that killer mentality that so few possess. Washington is an ideal guard for today’s game, because he can play various roles at multiple speeds and has an all-around skillset. He scores the ball with efficiency from all three levels, willingly looks to make others better, and understands how to properly lead a team on both ends of the floor. Washington has clear value, now it’s trying to process why he’s not being appropriately recruited. 

We saw Washington numerous times with Team Phoenix throughout this past summer, including at our David Rose MDC, where we stated: The Team Phoenix Elite squad was arguably the deepest team at our David Rose MDC in terms of talent, and a lot of their success starts and ends with Demetrius Washington. In many ways, he’s the unsung hero of this team but honestly can get overlooked because his game is so consistent. Washington is a high-IQ point guard that leads by example, able to set the floor for others while taking advantage of easy scoring opportunities. He’s very quick off the bounce and has no issue entering the paint, where he finishes at an incredibly strong rate. Washington has a complete skillset and will not back down from any opponent, especially on defense. He’s a phenomenal on-ball defender that forces turnovers with regularity and pushes transition play whenever possible. Washington is a no-brainer at the next level and will eventually make a college coach incredibly happy.

Everything we said then is even truer now, as Washington is somehow even more dominant with his high school team. His nightly numbers have been simply ridiculous, averaging 18.4 PPG, 4.2 RPG, 8.2 APG, 3.3 SPG, and 1.2 BPG while shooting 51% from the floor and 42% from beyond the arc. Aside from rebounds, Washington is either first or second in every major statistical category for Mountain Island Charter. That being said, his recruitment is nothing short of puzzling. Perhaps it’s his area, but we just saw Nahiem Alleyne get recruited to play at Virginia Tech less than two years ago from the same program. College coaches would be foolish to let Washington slide through the cracks, as he’s proven to be a worthwhile commodity with any collection of teammates and has a game that will succeed at a variety of different levels.