The North Carolina Phenom 150 provides an incredible opportunity for exposure for many young players trying to get their name out there, or for the case of Tomas Butkus and Andreas Wilson. one last opportunity to show what you’re capable of in front of roughly a dozen Division Two and Division 3 coaches before the end of their high school career.  Both Butkus and Wilson were extremely impressive on Sunday, let’s take a look at both of these intriguing unique prospects with very interesting and well rounded games, that for some reason don’t have a ton of college interest at the end of their senior seasons.

Tomas Butkus: 6’3 G 2018, Rabun Gap School


Butkus is a unique player, roughly 6’3 with a real solid frame, he was probably the best passer at camp and definitely displayed the most comfort level being the primary ball handler and running an offense with a bunch of kids he’s never played with before.  Despite being incredible on the ball he as also a revelation when playing off of it, knocking down well over 40% of his 3s on the day in both off the catch or the bounce.  He knows how to run the pick and roll at a high level and possesses a refined post game for a point guard.  Butkus is remarkable teammate, communicating with his guys at all time on both ends of the court.  All in all Butkus is the kind of player and person I want to lead my team at the college level.  I frankly don’t understand why D2s weren’t living at Rabun Gap this year.  If you’re a coach reading this in need of a point guard, be sure to watch some tape on this young man and I’m sure you’ll be as intrigued as I am.


Andreas Wilson: 6’0 G 2018, Kerr Vance

When we were going through the drills during the early parts of Sunday’s Phenom 150 Camp, I was intrigued to see this 6’0 white kid throwing down 2 handed back scratching jams with what appeared to be relative ease.  That young man was Andreas Wilson and boyyyy was I impressed with this dude.  Like Butkus he can play on the ball or off of it, but what impressed me was how crazy athletic Wilson is.  Easy explosion off of two feet gives Wilson the ability to finish over bigger defenders at his position and his knock down jumper keeps them honest.  Wilson shoots the pull-up well from the mid-range to the volley ball line and showed that to everyone on this crazy buzzer beater.  (See bottom of the page)  Wilson also has a flare for the dramatic, despite it being a camp setting and the result of the games had nothing but bragging rights, you could sense the craving for the ball Wilson possessed.  Wilson possess a 4.5 GPA and Low-Majors and D2s should be looking at his film if there is need for a versatile combo guard.