6’6 BJ Freeman (Moravian Prep)

After our update in rankings, Freeman now stands as the top unsigned senior in the state of North Carolina. This notion is easy to get behind, seeing as how he’s been the catalyst and focal point for Moravian Prep on a nightly basis. Freeman is an extremely skilled forward prospect with the ability to cause mismatch problems due to his blend of size, strength, and offensive versatility. He handles the ball and creates well for his size, displaying the ability to overpower smaller opponents while being too fluid and mobile for bigger opponents. 

6’10 Kuluel Mading (The Burlington School)

Due to his recent decommitment from Howard, Mading re-solidifies himself as an unsigned prospect worth noting. He’s long, fluid, and already finds ways to consistently make his presence felt as a rebounder, rim-protector, and mobile piece in transition. Mading has continually focused on developing his overall skillset, but his aforementioned foundation is what still brings intrigue to all types of suitors at the next level. He finishes effectively around the basket and has the necessary athleticism to finish above the rim and over the outstretched arms of opposing defenders. 

6’8 Dre Watson (Bull City Prep)

Like Mading, Watson’s previous decommitment is what places him back on this list of unsigned prospects—though that’s likely to change given how many programs have expressed interest since reopening his recruitment. In terms of talent, there should be no questions surrounding the long, fluid, athletic forward/post prospect. Watson is capable of doing some absolutely incredible things on the court, often times in an effortless manner. He displays vision, toughness, and the ability to score from all three levels while showing flashes of dominance as a rebounder and shot-blocker. Watson is the type of player folks would prefer to go into battle alongside rather than on the opposition. 

6’4 Jarvis Moss (Cannon)

Given his establishment as one of the premier shooters within North Carolina, Moss has become an obvious target for all types of high-level programs. With a recent offer from Stanford, he now seems more than likely to end up at the top ranks within college basketball. Although Moss has continually expanded his game and is definitely more than just a spot-up threat, his foundation as a floor-spacer will always make him coveted. This season, he’s stepped up as a nightly leader for this new-look roster and will continue to be a major difference-maker throughout the coming months. 

6’5 Jalen McDonald (Leesville Road)

Anyone who has followed highlight-reels relating to high school basketball should already know about McDonald and his incredible explosiveness. He burst onto the scene as an eighth-grader and never looked back, turning into a dynamic offensive weapon with the necessary size, skill, and versatility to overwhelm all types of opponents. After collecting a slew of high-level offers, McDonald will have a ton of opportunities to further his career at the next level.