2025 Darnerian Gibson (WS Christian): Gibson had a very good showing and he should start earning more attention his way with his play.' The 2025 point guard continues to answer the bell every time we see him, as he competes, plays hard, makes plays for himself, and does a great job in finding others as well as leading the charge.' He is quick out in the open floor, can knock down shots with range, and is crafty in getting inside the defense and finding his teammates.' He averaged 12.5ppg at the camp, but also delivered some strong passes, pushed the pace well, and was scrappy defensively.

2024 Steven McLeod (Grace Christian): McLeod is another player that continues to make plays but goes a bit under the radar. We are here to bring more awareness, as this guard is a true competitor on the court. Whether it is battling offensively, embracing contact and finishing, or being a leader defensively, he does what is needed for his team and is a tremendous player who understands how to make his presence felt in a variety of ways.

2024 Brendan Bailey (Asheville Christian): There is something about Bailey's game that I really enjoy watching. He is a humble person but also plays with such physicality on the court. He is a true team player, as he simply wants to help his team win.' There are so many programs that would love to have a player like him on the team, and he has been showing more of his offensive game over the last year in impressive ways.' Time to start waking up on him.

2025 Devin Sims (TBS): Sims had a strong showing at the Fall League, and he continued that at the NC Top 80.' He was consistent, averaging 11 points per game but continuing to excel in getting downhill, making plays at the rim, and might have been the most explosive player on the court at times.' There were plenty of times he was finishing at the rim with power, looking to put his opponent on a poster.' He should only continue to show more of his game with TBS this upcoming season.