Team Vision-NC
6'3 '19 Elijah Couples- The wing prospect did a nice job of affecting various facets of this game,
making whatever hustle plays possible while knocking down open looks from beyond the arc. He
isn't flashy, but he is effective, and is able to keep the ball moving on offense. Couples has solid
vision and can generate offense off of penetration opportunities.
6'1 '19 Jalen Walker-Crawford- The secondary creator had a pretty strong involvement
throughout this contest, making an impact as a secondary ball-handler and slasher. He can shoot
from midrange and does a decent job of creating opportunities for himself off the bounce.
Walker-Crawford continues to see an expanded role with this Vision squad, so it'll be interesting
to see how he finishes his summer.

Combine Academy
5'7 '19 John Caraig- The lead guard for Combine was easily their best player throughout this
contest, constantly breaking down opponents off the dribble and entering the paint with ease.
Caraig was able to showcase his playmaking skills all game, but also scored the ball well and
arguably had the highest IQ on the court. Watch for Caraig to break out as one of their better
prospects over the coming months.
6'2 '20 Bachir Kaba- The two-way wing was another big contributor for Combine Academy
during their second game. He made plays defensively and was able to switch across multiple
positions pretty often. Kaba didn't force the action offensively, but he did look to rip-through on
the perimeter and finish at the rim, both in transition and half-court chances.

Team Loaded
5'10 '20 Nick Gravely- The guard prospect left a clear mark on this game with his shooting from
the perimeter. He's somewhat between the two guard positions, but has capabilities at both.
Gravely can handle the ball and create offense or he can spot-up, both pretty reliable scoring
avenues for him. He chased after rebounds, made smart decisions with the ball, and forcing
numerous steals on defense.
6'6 '20 Michael Green- There are a variety of roles that Green plays on this team, but he was
mainly featured as one of the big men. He has a mobile, athletic frame, but also has versatility as
a defender. Green looked comfortable switching across multiple positions and could continue to
improve while adding strength. His best basketball is almost certainly in the near future and he
will pop up on plenty of DI radars if he can built his perimeter skillset.

Hoop State Elite – Rexrode
6'4 '20 Jalen King Joiner- Though we wrote on Joiner last night, his play was too strong to
ignore. He simply continues to improve as ball-handler and shooter, yet possesses every other
necessary skill to thrive at the next level. He isn't an incredible creator, but he does pass the ball
exceptionally well and understands how to make the correct read. Joiner rebounds nicely and
fills the gaps in transition.
6'7 '20 Zach Shumate- The big man is a true throwback player, given his work ethic and overall
relentlessness on the court. He pursues and secures rebounds at a high frequency while
continuing to improve as a finisher with contact. Shumate doesn't force the action on offense, yet
has showcased a lot of positive development as a face-up scorer. His ferocity and chippiness
have especially stood out this weekend, but he's been effective throughout.

Virginia All-Stars
6'3 '20 Trevor Johnson- The strong-bodied guard has been one of the most efficient players in
attendance at Southern Jam Session I, both in terms of passing and scoring. Johnson uses his
blend of strength and IQ well, especially to create offensive opportunities. He was able to
generate shots for himself, or move cleverly without the ball and finish spot-up chances. Johnson
was among the top players on Thursday and could be one to keep an eye on.
5'11 '20 Jordan Mack- There weren't many players that had a better showing on Thursday than
Mack. He effectively broke down every defender in his path and finished a vast majority of his
opportunities at the rim. Mack displayed a quality IQ and was one of the most consistent
performers for this All-Stars squad. He'll definitely be one to watch grow, given his skillset and
strong upside as a prospect.

Overcomers Elite
5'11 '19 Demecio Adams- The guard prospect attacked the opposition throughout this contest
and made his presence felt on both ends of the floor, but especially on offense. He has a pretty
quick first step and was able to get defenders on their heels fairly often. Adams wasn't a
particularly 'lights-out' shooter, but he still made a decent amount of his opportunities from the
perimeter and also looked solid in the middle-area.