6’5” 2021 Daniel Fulp (Mt Tabor)
Fulp was Johnny-on-the-Spot throughout today’s entire event. He showcased a nose for the ball, making hustle plays on both ends of the floor. He finished well around the basket, he guarded multiple positions and he was an excellent rebounder, especially on the offensive end.

6’5” 2021 Harper Strickland (Wakefield)
Strickland is a wing who has a pretty complete game. The lefty is explosive, can put the ball on the floor and he can score the ball at all 3 levels. Strickland should get ample opportunity this year at Wakefield High School as a featured piece. He has all the tools and skills, we are very excited to watch him as he has two more years of high school.

6’6” 2020 Reggie Raynor (Northwood Temple)
Raynor is a highly explosive wing forward, who is incredibly strong and plays well above the rim. Raynor is a natural leader, vocal and very competitive. He rebounded the ball well and defended from the wing to the block. Raynor shot the 3-ball well and he attacked the basket ferociously. He is a walking highlight reel, and someone who you need to watch every game he plays as he will bring your out of your seats.

6’9” 2020 Ade Jenkins (CBA Academy)
Jenkins is a polished big, one who plays as a big, knows he is a big and does big guy things. He has great hands and very good footwork, to go with patience on the block. Jenkins also showcased range, extending out beyond the 3-point line. He is a good rebounder and one who should have his share of collegiate suitors.

6’2” 2021 Glynn Hubbard (Northside Christian)
Hubbard was the MVP of the camp, and rightfully so. He was as solid, well almost dominant as he could have been. Hubbard is a jet-fast point guard who touches the paint at will. He has upside as a defensive stopper and he sees the floor well. Today, Hubbard shot the ball at a high level, he checks a lot of boxes for the Division 1 coaches reading.