The Hoop State Fall League continues, as we finished up with Week 3 of action and getting a better view of teams and what they have to offer this upcoming season.  One team that I was able to check out in Cox Mill was Team Push, who represents The Burlington School.  Under head coach George Marshall this year, TBS certainly should have their eyes on the prize once again. And even though there will be several familiar names for this team, I'm highly interested in seeing how they play because of the weapons they have.

When you talk about this team, this will be a program that will be able to mix it up extremely well and attack opponents in a variety of ways. Diving into the roster, you certainly have to start with the Mount St. Mary's commit Zion Walker, as the 2024 guard has proven himself year after year. He is wired to score, he is a strong force and creator, and knows when to step up and look to take over when needed. But he certainly will have plenty of help alongside him. 2025 Devin Sims has been strong with his athleticism, his ability to get inside the paint, and finish strong or at the rim. He should bring production to the table immediately.' 2024 Jordan Durham has made strides with his game, as he looks bigger and stronger, and is showing he can be a consistent threat in creating off the dribble, knocking down shots, and being a versatile piece on the court. 2025 Cam Flippen is a difference-maker as well, both offensively and defensively. He can be a strong defender who can change the game, as well as bring that same strength in leading the offense, making strong plays off the dribble, and showing more consistency from behind the arc.

2025 Matija Moravcevic and 2026 Sam Quebedeaux will also bring a lot of help in stretching the defense, especially with their ability to be a threat from the perimeter. Moravcevic brings great size at 6'4 and has a smooth feel/release to his game. Quebedeaux is a developing tough-minded guard who doesn't back down from anyone and can knock down shots from outside. Finally, 2025 Kendall Hooker has his flashes in being a valuable piece, playing hard and knocking down shots, and doing the dirty work on the court.

Inside for this team, 2024 Ty Outlaw and 2025 Kaden Hammond give this team to extremely valuable and physical presence down in the paint. Outlaw can be a man amongst boys with his frame and looks to bully opponents in the paint, on the boards, and at the rim. Hammond has a very intriguing skillset with his game, showing good touch, the ability to extend plays and rebound well, and step out from time to time.

Overall though, The Burlington School has plenty of weapons at their disposal this year, and this is certainly a team that has a chance to secure yet another ring this upcoming season.' With the mixture of talent Coach Marshall has this year, they should be a very exciting team to watch for.