Tennessee Phenom 150 Evaluations


Team 4

Coach: Shane Harper


#36: 5'11 '21 Hamilton Campbell (Vansant, VA)

Starting things off, we look at a player that truly displayed the ability to lead a team in dominant fashion, Hamilton Campbell. He's a young point guard prospect with an incredibly innate sense for the game and understanding of how to consistently create scoring opportunities for himself and others. Offensively, Campbell is an electrifying playmaker with blow-by quickness and impressive vision; his high IQ and ability to operate off the dribble makes him quite a difficult assignment for opposing guards. He also scored the ball efficiently from all three levels and showcased a lot of craftiness inside the paint. Campbell forced numerous turnovers throughout camp through use of his quick hands and sharp positioning. Next in his development process is continuing to add physical strength, as it would allow him to attack bigger guards with more regularity. Coach Harper on Campbell: 'Hamilton is a very good playmaker with a smooth overall skillset. He passes the ball extremely well and has a deceptive quickness about him. He let the game come to him and was a terrific teammate throughout the day. I enjoyed coaching Hamilton.' Campbell has a very exciting skillset and unanimously secured the Mr. Playmaker award at camp. He's young and will be one to keep a close eye on throughout the next few years, as he could become a special point guard.


#49: 6'1 '22 Chandler Fillers (Greeneville, TN)

Next, we look at a player that brought a positive attitude and excellent team-first approach to camp, Chandler Fillers. He's a guard prospect that is able to make an impact with or without the ball, given his ability to shoot and scatter defenses with his cutting ability. Fillers can play as a primary ball-handler and offensive initiator whenever necessary, able to make intelligent decisions and continue to move the ball to open teammates. He's scrappy and displays a strong feel for the game on defense, especially when he's off-ball and intercepting the passing lanes with regularity. Fillers forced an abundance of turnovers and rebounded very well for his position. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his quickness, as it will definitely improve his ability to penetrate and get by opponents. Coach Harper on Fillers: 'Chandler is a young, well-rounded player that can dribble, shoot, and make efficient use of his touches. He's a great kid to coach and showcased a quality motor on both sides of the ball. Chandler knows how to contribute and make plays as a creator.' Fillers has a lot of potential, given his young age and terrific two-way presence; he'll definitely be one to note for the future.


#50: 5’8 ’22''McKinley Tincher (Kingsport, TN)

Moving onto a player that made a noticeable impact on both ends of the floor, Tinchey McKinley. He's a floor general that displays a nice IQ and overall feel for the game, which allows him to manipulate opposing defenses quite often. McKinley knows how to navigate off the bounce and possesses pretty solid quickness for his size. He showcased a savvy approach to the game and great creativity upon entering the paint. McKinley is an efficient three-level scorer with toughness and an ability to attack the rim with intensity. He rebounded quite well for his position and displayed a clear willingness to make any hustle play available. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his quickness, as it would make him even more difficult for opponents to contain. Coach Harper on McKinley: 'Tinchey is a special basketball player with phenomenal poise and IQ on the court. He's a very good shooter with awesome playmaking abilities. He was a joy to coach throughout the day.' McKinley could be a really intriguing prospect, so it'll be interesting to see how he approaches the upcoming season, as it should be a vital one.


#52: 6'1 '20 Dakota Hicks (Church Hill, TN)

Continuing onto a player that made a clear difference with his fundamental, team-first approach to the game, Dakota Hicks. He's a strong-bodied wing prospect that showcased his high motor throughout camp, on both sides of the ball. Hicks plays a smart, conservative brand of basketball, and rarely forces the issue on either end of the floor. He knocked down shots at a decent clip, but looked especially accurate off the dribble. Hicks utilized his sturdy frame to absorb contact around the basket and looked terrific in penetration situations. He provided a ton of effort on defense, but possesses the potential to become even better when defending the ball. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his consistency from beyond the arc, as it would make him a more complete offensive player. Coach Harper on Hicks: 'Dakota has a great attitude for the game and was very coachable throughout camp. He has a terrific sense of the fundamentals and moves swiftly on both sides of the ball. Dakota is a very good team player that passes the ball well.' Hicks simply understands how to contribute to all facets of the game and should continue improving with added work.


#62: 6'2 '21 Luke Wess (Cedar Bluff, VA)

Moving onto a player that showcased a pretty nice blend of potential and production at camp, Luke Wess. He's an athletic forward prospect with strength and quality two-way ability. Offensively, Wess knows how to thrive without the ball, through spotting-up and applying constant pressure as an off-ball cutter. He secured numerous second-chance opportunities and finished fairly strong through most contact around the rim. Wess displayed a great motor and disrupted a lot of action on defense as a result. He was quite useful in transition, on both sides of the ball, and tallied a strong amount of assists on the break. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his quickness, as it would allow him to enter the paint whenever he desired. Coach Harper on Wess: 'Luke is a team-first guy with a great attitude and motor. He rebounds the ball really well and looks to box out on every possession. When the ball goes up, Luke makes a priority in hitting the glass and hunting for extra scoring opportunities.' Wess should be able to make a strong impact during his upcoming sophomore season, especially if he continues playing with a high motor and unselfish approach to the game.


#65:6'3 '20 Bryce Causey (Jamestown, NC)

Next, we look at a player that knows how to complement any collection of teammates on both sides of the floor, Bryce Causey. He's a big-time energy worker, especially at the wing position, and understands how to outwork opponents at all times. Offensively, Causey attacks the rim well and does a nice job of knocking down shots from midrange and beyond the arc. He has a firm grasp of his skillset and doesn't force action on either end of the floor. Causey is deceptively quick and has the ability to cause havoc on defense; he moves his feet well and exerts exceptional effort on that end of the floor. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his ball-handling ability, as it would make him even more difficult for opponents to contain. Coach Harper on Causey: 'Bryce plays the right way and knows how to make an impact without needing to score. He made numerous plays in transition and truly displayed the ability to move intelligently without the ball in his hands.' Causey has been a constant contributor for the Carolina Knights and could have a nice upcoming season for Southwest Guilford.


#75: 6'4 '20 Kendrick Robinson (Fredericksburg, VA)

Continuing onto a player that showcased the ability to impose his physicality and athleticism throughout camp, Kendrick Robinson. He's a wing prospect with a strong frame and quality two-way presence. Offensively, Robinson can typically be found off-ball, where he's very efficient with his touches and cutting opportunities. He scored numerous times above the rim in transition, but also knocked down shots from midrange throughout the day. In many ways, Robinson was the glue-guy for his squad and made a constant impact by consistently affecting various facets of the game. He has a solid motor and feel for the game on both sides of the ball, always accounting for the ball and waiting for the opportune time to pounce. Next in his development process is working on his consistency from three-point territory, as it would make him a quality spot-up threat. Coach Harper on Robinson: 'Kendrick is a very good all-around player that is quite effective with the ball in his hands. He makes everyone better on his team and was a lockdown defender throughout camp.' Robinson will be one to watch during the upcoming season, as he could be a candidate to breakout and exceed expectations.


#88: 6'7 '20 Benjamin Knight (Seymour, TN)

Next, we look at a player that possesses an incredible amount of upside, given his size and athleticism, Benjamin Knight. He's a long, strong-bodied forward with a great frame and overall approach to the game. Offensively, Knight moves extremely well without the ball and understands how to use his physicality around the basket, especially when getting downhill and attacking the basket with purpose. He looked to finish above the rim whenever possible and displayed phenomenal two-way relentlessness on the glass. Knight plays quite hard on defense and accumulated numerous blocks when monitoring the paint. Next in his development process is continuing to work on his ability to knock down three-point chances, as it would make him a very attractive prospect with floor-spacing ability. Coach Harper on Knight: 'Benjamin is a very intriguing prospect with great size and strength. He should continue to become more assertive on offense, in order to maximize his skillset.' Knight was among the most unique prospects on display, but he should keep progressing on both ends of the floor. He has two more seasons to grow, so he'll definitely be one to watch.


#92: 6'10 '20 Justus Shelton (Mars Hill, NC)

Finishing up, we look at a player that has an exceptionally fundamental approach to the game, Justus Shelton. He's a long-bodied big man with great touch and feel around the basket. Offensively, Shelton typically sets up on the low block and frequently displays the ability to finish over either shoulder. His righty-hook remains his most reliable scoring avenue, though he's capable of scoring with his left as well. Shelton has continually made strides as a midrange threat and can regularly inflict damage around the free throw line. He displays a quality IQ and feel for his position, and knows how to consistently pursue rebounds. Shelton is somewhat thin, but he has no issues asserting himself on defense, where his length is able to disrupt one shot after another. He did a great job throughout camp of tallying blocks and protecting the rim. Next in his development process is simply to continue adding strength, as he has all the necessary tools and IQ to play college basketball. Coach Harper on Shelton: 'Justus did a great job of controlling the middle of the paint and altering shots. He's very tall and moves quite well without the ball. Justus is a good teammate with coachable qualities on both ends of the floor.' Shelton is looking poised to enjoy a strong junior season at Mountain Heritage, where he should be one of their main performers on a night-to-night basis.


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