As you may have seen, Phenom Hoops has previewed several teams early on this spring, giving everyone a chance to look at the talent that will be coming through our events this year. One team that many should start monitoring and checking out is the NLPB TN-NC-VA, a team with a variety of talent from multiple regions. We dive into the roster as you will be able to check them out throughout the year with Phenom Hoops.

Team Preview: NLPB TN-NC-VA

6’2 Paul Vencill is a team-like guy, an ultimate glue guy on the court that does what is needed on the floor for his team to win. Whether it is impacting the floor with his defense, securing extra possessions, putting his body on the ground, or rebounding, Vencill helps in a variety of ways. 6’0 guard Will Hurd is a strong finisher and can make opponents pay with his ability to get to the rim and finish through contact. 6’1 Charlie McHugh is another terrific guard that is a three-level scorer.  Whether knocking down shots or getting to the basket, McHugh can do it all while also being a strong ball-handler, finds his teammates well, and defends well.

5’10 guard Eli McMurray is another big-time scoring guard that can do it in a variety of ways and really change the game, while also being able to defend. 5’11 Miguel Maradiaga brings another guard to the court, showcasing his shifty feel, his ability to get to the paint, and display an unselfish feel in finding his teammates as well as being able to score.

Continuing on, 6’2 Ezra Jamison is a familiar name here in NC and he continues to show how big of a threat he can be with his ability to knock down shots from multiple levels.  6’4 Santana Lynch is another, as the big-sized guard can score in a variety of ways, has a nice feel with the ball in his hands, and can get to the rim. 5’11 Logan Cassell, another guard for this team, is a big threat from behind the arc, knocking down threes and really stretching the floor with his range.  He also can make an impact on defense, creating multiple steals and brings a ton of energy.

Two other guards in 5’10 Raehzekeil Rice and 6’2 Ryan Robertson, also make their impact felt for this team.  Rice is a high intensity-type guard that gets paint touches, defends with a chip on his shoulder, rebounds well, and shows nice vision. Robertson is a proven scorer, is shifty with the ball in his hands, can score in bunches, and is terrific in the open floor.

Finally, looking at a few prospects with size, you have to start with 6’5 Connor Simcox. He really is one that can control the paint, scoring well and is an absolute monster on the boards.  He averaged 14rpg in high school.  6’8 Will Broadfoot is another big prospect; a solid rebounder who scores off the offensive boards and can impact a game with his defense in the paint.  And lastly, you look at 6’6 wing Gunner Garrett, who is a solid shooter, can handle the ball well, defend, displays a high IQ, and can rebound/defend from multiple positions.