We continue to cover this past week’s Phenom high school team camp, as we had a great opportunity to get an early view of teams and what they may be bringing to the table this upcoming season. 

Let’s look at NC GBB, as they have been a program that has built a strong foundation and brings talent that college coaches should take notice of.  Phenom Hoops got an early look at what they could look like, as there are plenty of familiar names that should star for this roster.

2024 Jalik Nicholls, 2024 Caden Bell, and 2024 Isaiah Otyaluk will all be familiar faces from last year’s team, but now, they will be three clear leaders for this team this season.  Nicholls has the size at 6’7 and can make plays from a variety of areas, whether it is stretching the floor or making plays and finishing over defenders. Bell has stepped up his game, as the gritty guard continues to show his ability to make plays off the bounce, create for himself and others, be a threat from the perimeter, and play hard on the defensive end.  Then you have Otyaluk who continues to intrigue you with his long frame, his athleticism and bounce, his ability to score over and create, and also stretch the court with his outside game.

But you also have players like 2024 CJ Alston who continues to be a strong presence, getting out in transition, finishing strong plays at the basket, and bringing a ton of energy.  2025 Quentin Cozart is another player to keep an eye on, as he finishes well around the rim, has length and athleticism, and can be that rim-runner for NC GBB.  And then you will also have players like 2026 Treyton Jones and 2026 Carter Bullock, who should also continue to develop as young prospects.

Overall, it will be interesting to see what this team can accomplish, and this is a roster that should have the attention of college coaches all season long.