Given the fact that July is right around the corner, it feels like no better time to start introducing some of the players that college coaches should be monitoring. Going into the busiest recruiting month of the year, our Summer Havoc should be a hotbed for coaches and players alike. As usual, Phenom Hoops will have prospects of all levels in attendance. This series will continue by taking a closer look at Jordan Patton of Chambers High School and Upward Stars Carolinas.

We’ve watched Patton emerge over the years, recently stating, “Meanwhile, Patton is arguably the main leader of this team. He’s a versatile wing/forward prospect who can defend bigger opponents on defense while actively exploiting mismatches on offense. Patton can create his own shot, both to generate space as a shooter and attack the basket as a downhill threat, and is athletic enough to play above the rim and physically overwhelm others. He’s also a great rebounder. Oftentimes, his ability to set the tone determines how this team will perform.” Later followed by, “It’s genuinely shocking that Patton hasn’t collected more offers as a versatile, well-rounded wing/forward who consistently produces. He checks all the boxes between size, skill, athleticism, and ability to make an impact on both ends of the floor. Patton can do everything offensively. Whether creating, playmaking, scoring, or operating without the ball, he’s truly able to adapt to whatever is needed. He’s able to defend multiple positions and consistently outwork opponents on the glass. Patton affects all facets of the game while standing out as a matchup problem for the opposition. Scholarship-level programs should be involved.”

Given his seemingly nonstop production throughout the current travel ball season, it’s really perplexing to try and make sense of Patton’s recruitment (or lack thereof). At 6-foot-5 with IQ, skill, athleticism, and two-way versatility, it seems like more programs would be enticed by his ability to naturally cause matchup problems and impact all facets of the game. Patton scores from all levels, but knows how to utilize his size to take advantage of smaller opponents off the bounce. He’s a strong, athletic finisher with the ability to play above the rim quite regularly. Patton handles and passes the ball well for his size/position and is capable of initiating the offense or finding opportunities as a cutter. He rebounds at a consistent rate, defends multiple positions, and applies excellent pressure as a transition threat. Again, Patton is someone who should hold more offers at this point in time. College coaches can watch him at our Summer Havoc on July 6-9.