Given the fact that July is right around the corner, it feels like no better time to start introducing some of the players that college coaches should be monitoring. Going into the busiest recruiting month of the year, our Summer Havoc should be a hotbed for coaches and players alike. As usual, Phenom Hoops will have prospects of all levels in attendance. This series will begin by taking a closer look at Jayan Walker of Millbrook and 1 of 1 Elite.

We've seen Walker various times over the years, previously stating, 'Continuing onto a player who keeps trending upward as one of the more coveted prospects in his class, Jayan Walker. He's a big, strong, well-rounded wing prospect with an excellent combination of IQ, size, and athleticism. Walker is a versatile, adaptable cog who can reliably produce in numerous different roles. He can defend and outrebound bigger opponents, or simply overpower smaller guys. Walker is a great finisher, shooter, and useful creator who can generate clean looks for himself and others with relative ease. He forces turnovers at a nice rate and applies great pressure in transition. Next in his development process is working on his ability to move without the ball, as it would allow him to find more scoring opportunities as a cutter and spot-up threat. Coach Moore on Walker: 'Jayan has really improved his shooting ability. He needs to continue sharpening his feel and ball-handling skills.' Walker proved to be an asset at camp, and should be a definite leader for Millbrook over these next two seasons.'

Few prospects in North Carolina have generated as much buzz as Walker over the current summer season'and for good reason. The strong, skilled 6-foot-6 wing has been nothing short of phenomenal. He's offering his typical amount of toughness and physically overwhelming approach, but also turning a lot of heads with his blend of IQ, versatility, and shot-making ability. It's surprising that it took coaches this long to recognize everything Walker brings to a team. He's a quality defender and rebounder with the tools to outwork bigger opponents with relative ease. Walker can handle the ball and assume playmaking duties whenever necessary, but also makes a consistent impact as a cutter or off-ball threat. He's also great in the open floor and applies constant pressure as a downhill finisher. Walker plays well through contact, displays powerful athleticism around the rim, and is adaptable to team needs on both ends of the floor. Coaches can see him at our Summer Havoc on July 6-7.