Jamie Shaw:

6’4” 2020 Jaden Scriven
Team Wall SE

Every single game, every single matchup Scriven produces. First off he defends multiple positions, the 2 through 4, with great switchability and instincts. The lefty showed the ability to make catch and shoot 3s as well as the ability to rebound at a high level. Steals, deflections, rebounds, points, etc…Scriven produces at a high level, on both ends of the floor. He may not check the physical boxes or positional boxes, but he certainly will go out and outproduce, out-tough, out-work the majority of players LMs are recruiting.

Miles Masercola:

5’8 2021 Kadyn Dawkins: NC Cobras

Dawkins is an incredibly consistent lead guard that operates in ball screens with a high level of confidence.  He makes the right read 99% of the time and possesses elite range on his jumper keeping the defense on its heels the entire game.  As he continues to physically develop and maintain his level of productivity, expect scholarship coaches to come calling in the near future.

Jeff Bendel:

6’4 ’20 Trent McIntyre (New Light Disciples)

As a walking triple-double threat, McIntyre seemed like the appropriate choice here. He has the IQ, size, skill, and necessary versatility to genuinely affect all facets of the game. McIntyre really embraces his role on both ends of the floor and simply knows how to do a little bit of everything.