Julius Kim breaks down a few standouts from the Summer Grind Event

2018 PSB Elite wing Hunter Tyson can flat out shoot the ball. He blocks well for his size while grabbing rebounds on both ends of the floor. He takes the ball strong to the basket and is great at drawing fouls. Hunter has an overall smooth and natural feel for the game as well. He currently holds scholarships from: Tennessee, UNCC, Elon, Davidson, and Appalachian State.

2017 Save Sports guard Jordan Beale is a solid shooter who creates for others while creating for himself. He has a quick first-step while being crafty with the ball when he handles it and when he drives.

2017 Juice All-Stars forward Ethan Herring displayed a bit of everything. He has great footwork down low to go along with his fundamental post-moves. He also finishes well through contact in the post. He really surprised me when he showed his ability to handle the ball when he goes coast-to-coast.

2017 CP3 guard Blake Harris is a true point guard. He loves to pass the ball at all times and constantly looks for others in transition. Blake has a great handle, which allows him to get past defenders easily. He also has great footwork to go along with his incredible offensive skillset. His lay-up package is something to lookout for as well. He is currently a four-star guard who holds scholarships from: Washington, Clemson, UC Santa Barbara, Ole Miss, Memphis, San Francisco, Virginia Tech, and Cincinnati. He informed us that he plans to take a visit to Washington sometime in August.

2017 CP3 guard Lavar Batts Jr is an absolute freak athlete. He drives to the basket whenever he wants while being strong with the ball. Lavar also has fantastic leaping ability, which allows him to block shots making his defensive presence known on the court. He is currently a four-star guard who holds scholarships from: Oklahoma, NC State, FSU, DePaul, Wake Forest, Georgia, etc.

2018 CP3 guard Coby White is a score first type of player. He does a great job of creating for himself to allow him to get his shot off. He finishes well through contact when driving to the basket and can finish with both hands. He also has a great handle on the ball. He currently ranked in the top 25 by ESPN in his class and has scholarship offers from: Wake Forest, High Point, Clemson, and Saint Louis.

2019 CP3 forward Wendell Moore can do it all on the floor. He can shoot the ball, handle it, drives great for his size, uses his body down low, and has excellent defense. What really stood out to me was how he hustles on the floor and how he never gives up on a play. Wendell will be a five-star guard in his class and he currently holds scholarships from: Tennessee, UNC, Charlotte, NC State, Wake Forest, and Georgia.