Given the restructuring of rosters throughout travel basketball, it has allowed Team Charlotte to quietly assemble one of the top shooting teams in the state. Between guys like Stephen Quinn, Joe Rhyne, and Mason Smith, it’s easy to see why. Starting with Quinn, who might be the top spot-up threat in the state. His combination of volume and consistency basically puts him in elite territory. Quinn moves extremely well without the ball, displays deep range, and possesses a very quick release on his jumper. He also provides great energy as a defender and picks his spots well in transition. 

Meanwhile, Rhyne offers a lot of similar traits—as he’s also firmly in the discussion as the top catch-and-shoot threat across North Carolina. He moves properly without the ball, extends his range well beyond thirty feet, and consistently capitalizes off the catch. Rhyne is a smart player, active defender, and quality off-ball mover. That being said, he (like Quinn) can also hit jumpers off the bounce if needed. 

Rounding out this group, Smith provides size and yet another high-level shooting presence. At 6-foot-7, he can finish, post-up, or face-up and find success. He can be featured from the high post, beyond the arc, or as a cutter. Smith rebounds well for his size/position, can handle the ball as needed, and is capable of causing matchup problems with his inside-out game. Each of these three should be pursued by scholarship-level coaches over the coming months.