5’10 2019 Jahmois Barnhill: ENC 17U

Barnhill is the consummate Point Guard, especially defensively.' He’s a flat out pest that hustles his tail off going for every opportunity to make a play on the end where it really counts.' He found a way to attack in transition, kicking it to shooters and finding big men running on the break with him.' This kid is tough as nails and is extremely annoying to deal with as an opposing player and coach.

6’0 2019 Tai Geiger: Carolina Raptors

Geiger is simply a scorer, he does it in a multitude of ways and whenever he wants.' He has total control of the offense at all times and is more than capable of playing on or off the ball.' Geiger’s been getting it done all day over different defenders.' Expect that to continue throughout the rest of the weekend and the summer.