Player: Cooper Kowalski
Class: 2024
Height: 6'8
School: First Baptist
AAU: Charleston Raptors

One thing is for sure, 2024 6'8 Cooper Kowalski from Charleston Raptors certainly had the attention of our scouts at Phenom Hoops at the Phenom Summer Havoc. Kowalski brings size along with a strong skillset that should cater to college coaches.  When watching him in action, he was able to bring production immediately to the table; a polished feel, active on the boards, touch in scoring and finishing, and one that can be effective in a variety of other ways. 

Every time we watched him this past weekend, Kowalski was a key part to his team's success but also didn't need to be the focal point to be productive.  With what we saw, he is one that college coaches should be looking at a lot more, along with others on this Charleston Raptors roster.

What Was Said:

'At 6-foot-8, he's a skilled forward/post prospect with an excellent combination of IQ, length, and fluidity. Kowalski is a very polished offensive weapon and highlighted the ability to be utilized in various different ways. He displayed touch (with both hands) and athleticism when finishing around the basket, but also looked comfortable making passes or hitting jumpers from the high post area. Kowalski is a quality screener who appears comfortable rolling to the basket or popping out to space the floor from beyond the arc. He plays well through contact, especially given his wiry build, and is tougher than he initially seems. Although Kowalski shined as an offensive piece, he was also memorable on the glass and defensive end of the floor. He displayed great timing as a rebounder and rim-protector, showing an understanding of rotations, positioning, and how to consistently outwork opponents. Kowalski runs the floor well in transition and makes himself available to score by simply filling the lane. He showcased a lot of favorable qualities throughout his time at Summer Havoc.'