6’10 Corneilous Williams of TLBA 2022 17U is a workhorse. Extremely high motor and runs the floor hard. Very active on the boards on both sides of the ball. Long, active defender who blocks shots at a high level. Scores relentlessly around the basket and use his athleticism to play above the rim. Finished the first game with 25 points and 14 rebounds and 3 blocks.

5’9 Kadyn Dawkins of Cobras 2021 is a small guard who really controls the pace of the game. Crafty with his handle and changes speed well. Gets to the lane and really creates for his teammates. Finishes well around the basket for his size and gets to the free-throw line. Really pressures the ball defensively. Finished with 16 points and 5 assists.

6’3 Chas Stinson of QCAA 17U scores at all three levels. Really attacks the basket and gets into the lane with ease. Finishes consistently at the rim and is crafty. Invites contacts that allow him to make a killing from the free-throw line. Really looks to get out in transition and runs the wings hard. Good off-ball defender who keeps his hands in the passing lane. Finished the game with 20 points and 4 steals.

6’4 Donovan Atwell of Team Eat 16U has been killing it so far this weekend. High-level shooters who can shoot both off the catch and dribble. He is a lefty with an effortless stroke which allows him to get his shot off at any point. The defense has to keep a sharp eye on him when he is on the court. A long prospect who is versatile on both sides of the ball. Takes care of the ball and rarely turns it over. Division 1 Player for sure!

6’7 Xavier Long of Metro Ball DC is a long and versatile wing who can play and defend multiple positions. Very active on the defensive ball as he uses his length to advantage in the passing lanes. Looks to really get out in transition and is athletic. Finishes at and above the rim. Rebounds well and showed the ability to shoot from the three.

6’5 Chris Ford of Mint Hill Lakers lives in the paint. Gets to the basket relentlessly and really finishes through contact. Athletic kid who really pushes the ball in transition. Very good frame and body, strong and plays physical. Really looks to attack the boards and rebounds the ball well for his size. Finished the game with 20 points and 8 rebounds. Explosive athlete. 

6’3 Quan Peterson of Next Level SC 16U is absolutely unguardable. Handles the ball very well and is super shifty. His change of speed and direction makes it very hard to stay in front of. Gets to his spots all game and is a scorer. Attacks the rim and finishes very well, super crafty. Has a really good IQ and creates well for his teammates; has really good court vision. Very patient and controls the pace of the game. Definitely a guy that college coaches will love!

5’10 Trey Green of Team Charlotte 16U is a great pass-first point guard. A very quick guard who handles the ball very well and has a great IQ. Looks to constantly create for his teammates and puts them in position to score. Very high assist to turnover ratio really takes care of the ball. Sits down on defense and keeps players in front of him; doesn’t gamble and stays solid.