On Tuesday night, Phenom Hoops traveled to Southwest Guilford to see the Cowboys host the Mount Tabor Spartans. There was an incredible amount of quality basketball on display, especially given the key matchups from this contest. Quest Aldridge is the heart and soul of this Tabor team, so we were excited to see how the Langleys handled him defensively. The first half was fairly close and left the Spartans only trailing 30-21 at the break, but the floodgates burst open after halftime. The Cowboys shut things down in the third quarter and began to really overwhelm the opposition with their half-court press, resulting in a 20-9 quarter for Southwest. Beginning the fourth quarter with a 50-30 lead allowed the Cowboys to start unloading their bench while still applying phenomenal pressure on offense. Southwest claims the victory over Mount Tabor by a score of 70-49.



6’0 ’19 Keyshaun Langley

Both Langleys have been simply incredible throughout the season, but the way Keyshaun is filling the stat sheet while controlling either side of the ball has been downright special. We’ve seen him as the point guard for quite a while, but he’s somehow taken another leap as a rebounder and playmaker. He’s a dominant transition player that can really disrupt opponents with up-tempo play. Keyshaun possesses an indescribable smoothness and understands how to play the right way. His IQ is absolutely through the roof, and it’s consistently evident in his movements and approach on both ends of the floor. Final stats: 15 points, 6 rebounds, 11 assists, 4 steals, and 2 blocks.


6’0 ’19 Kobe Langely

Like his brother, Kobe has enjoyed an amazing season while being a perfect complement to his backcourt mate. Last night, he continued his scoring tear and showcased the ability to efficiently score from all three levels. Kobe is shooting three-pointers as well as ever, which is an extremely encouraging sign for their long-term status as a pairing. His IQ and overall poise are terrific, as there isn’t an opponent or situation that can make Kobe uncomfortable, on either end of the floor. UNCG was courtside and should be very pleased with the twins’ current progression, as they look likely to truly dominate at the next level. Final stats: 16 points, 3 assists, 2 steals, and 1 block.


6’4 ’19 Jay’den Turner

The long, wiry, athletic forward prospect continues to showcase a strong two-way presence for this Southwest team. He piles up deflections and causes an abundance of problems defensively, but also scores reliably from all three levels. Turner is capable of creating for himself, but often finds himself moving without the ball and spotting-up along the perimeter. He’s quite valuable to this team, as he’s able to consistently add a necessary scoring punch. Turner continues to lead the team in scoring and rebounding. Final stats: 12 points, 2 assists, and 3 blocks.


6’4 ’19 Christian Martin

Though somewhat between positions, Martin plays such an excellent role for this squad and seems to always understand how to impact the game without requiring offensive touches. He plays within himself very well and never tries to force the action on either end of the floor. Martin works extremely hard at all times and utilizes his strong motor to out-produce bigger/stronger opponents on the glass. He always keeps the ball moving and is a true team-first guy in every possible sense. Final stats: 16 points, 11 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 steal.


Mount Tabor:

6’3 ’19 Quest Aldridge

Though it was a lopsided contest, Aldridge was truly phenomenal and displayed numerous high-level flashes against two of the best defenders in the country. On their first possession of the game, he unbelievably navigates past both Langleys harassing him and makes a perfect read, but the lay-up was blown. There were at least five possessions that resulted in this manner, which honestly could’ve prevented him from notching a triple-double. Aldridge is extremely smooth with the ball in his hands and exudes leadership with this Mount Tabor squad. He had 13 of the team’s first half total (19) and then was forced to deal with double and triple-teams throughout the next half. Division I coaches need to get out and see Aldridge, as he possesses the full package (IQ, scoring, playmaking) and still has strength to add at the next level. Final stats: 15 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists, and 1 steal.

6’7 ’20 Jakob Moore

The big man was Mount Tabor’s main interior presence during this contest. However, Moore struggled with foul trouble throughout the first half and was ultimately fouled out before the third quarter ended. He uses his size well and plays with great toughness on defense. Only a junior, Moore’s development will be very interesting over this next calendar year, especially if he’s able to add offensive polish. Final stats: 7 points, 3 rebounds, and 4 blocks.