There are plenty of teams here in North Carolina that already having a tremendous season, and one team that deserves recognition for what they have been able to accomplish so far is the Sabres of South Meck.

South Meck is one of a few teams that remain undefeated on the season, as they sit undefeated on the season at 13-0, after a season in which they finished 8-17 last year.  They have been able to win in a variety of ways, whether it has been in convincing fashion or grinding out narrow wins… no matter what, they have been able to come out with a W.

Phenom Hoops had a chance to watch this team in action early in the season at the Phenom Lakesgiving, as they were able to grind out a victory against Pine Lake Prep 79-73.  When you dive into this team, this is a gritty team that just understands how to compete. They have their leader in 2024 Peter Moye, a strong sturdy guard that can really fill it up and score in a variety of ways. He has been having big game after big game, as he has been averaging 22ppg, 55rpg, 3.1apg, and 1.5spg.  However, Moye isn’t the only one who has been stepping up to help lead the way, as 2024 Anderson Skelton has been alongside him, playing at a high level in averaging 13.8ppg. You also have others who have been able to round out this roster and bring a balanced attack, as 2025 Myles Howard, 2026 Ben Houpt, 2024 Yariel Chudgar, and others have all had strong moments in helping this team remain undefeated.

It has been a tremendous start to the season and who knows how far this team will go down the road. But South Meck has certainly proved themselves as a team to watch out for even more this season.

What Has Been Said:

“2024 Peter Moye (South Meck) continues to display his ability to be an effective scorer from multiple levels. His blend of range, strength, and IQ continue to shine and should have a big season for his team. #PhenomLakesgiving”

“2024 6’4 Anderson Skelton (South Meck) stepping up in key moments today. Shooting the ball well to help his team in the game. #PhenomLakesgiving”

“2025 Myles Howard (South Meck) has been assertive on the court today. Has been able to attack and get to the line, running the floor out in transition well, and bringing energy. #PhenomLakesgiving”