What a great event it was this past weekend, with Phenom Hoops bringing in some of the top talents from South Carolina all under one building.  A state that has been rich with talent but at times goes under the radar, it seems like there is some incredible talent to be found and we are looking to highlight that even more.

2023 Mychael Mitchell has been a player around the Phenom landscape for a few years and he has continued to improve and produce.  Watching him as a sophomore at Northside Christian years ago to where he is today, Mitchell has continued to produce in a variety of ways. 

Early on, he was a strong, quick, defensive-minded guard that was able to provide depth for his team. Now, he has only stepped up even more as a go-to scorer, creating well for himself, showcasing his shiftiness and quickness more, and adding more levels to his game.  Mitchell excels as a playmaker on the court, reading the floor, attacking in transition, making good decisions, and making his presence felt on offense and defense even more.

At the event, he was terrific and should be a great addition to an already-loaded team in Gray Collegiate.  At the South Carolina Top 80, he showed it all in averaging 22.3 points per game but also being a pest on the defensive end.  And there are plenty of programs that could use a player like him, as he hopes to have a big year as a senior.

What Was Said:

“2023 Mychael Mitchell (Gray Collegiate) has that kind of pop as a playmaker and is consistently involved in good things, savvy ball handler with his eyes on the prize around the basket, crafty finisher who understands how to use angles and english off the glass.”

“Mitchell is a player who has always felt somewhat overlooked by the masses. Whether his unselfish approach or taking less for the betterment of the team, it’s easy to appreciate the selfless nature he brings to a team. Mitchell is an excellent defender, penetrator, and playmaker with IQ and well-rounded athleticism. He forces on-ball turnovers, pushes the break, and makes quality decisions with the ball in his hands. Mitchell is a useful shooter and great finisher with the ability to mix it up as needed. He’s simply the type of guy folks would rather play with than against.”