By: Kevin Moses

Cross Chadwick is a 6’8 prospect that is part of the Class of 2024 and who plays at Tri-Citiies Christian Academy in TN. This physical inside gem understands blue-collar work and has no problem mixing it up with anyone. He has one of the highest basketball IQs and skillsets of any kid his age I have seen. He uses his size well to carve out room for easy high-percentage shots and to get into the body of opposing players on the defensive side, as well as box out.

Rebounding and timing is an art form for Chadwick. He is a tough gritty defender that goes after everything thrown at him. He is a nice passer and can step out and knock down the three; he has a wicked post-game. He can easily defend the 3, 4, and 5 positions with his nice size, athletic ability, and strength. Chadwick never forces or takes a bad shot and his decision-making is special.

Offensively, he can stretch the floor and create mismatches because of his athleticism. His passion and fire to win are impressive when he commits to doing all the little things the right way. Last season, Chadwick averaged 13.8pts, 8.8rebs, 1ast, and 1blk per game. In the AAU session, he averaged 12pts, 7rebs, and 1blk in limited time. But he impacts every minute he is on the floor with hustle and energy to match those numbers and changes so many shots on the defensive end. This also was the biggest improvement from the season through the AAU session and improved his free shooting tremendously.

Chadwick has set the goal to have a 30-win season and win it all by doing whatever he can to lead his team effectively. Understanding his hustle and decision-making sets him apart being coachable takes that to another level. This young star is every coach’s dream and someone that they can depend on every time out.