#94 6’7” 2022 Isiah Howell
Georgetown HS (Georgetown, SC)

Long, quick twitch and athletic, Howell has a lot of tools that make him intriguing. He runs the floor well and shows ball skills running the floor. Howell had a couple finishes above the rim and ran the floor, for easy finishes at the basket. He will be one to continue watching as he continues to develop strength and his overall game. A lot of natural tools, a lot of current production as well.

#45  5’11” 2021 Landon Stills
River Bluff HS (Lexington, SC)

Stills makes plays, it is as simple as that. He has an advanced IQ for the game, able to play uptempo or slow things down in the half court and make great reads. He has a smooth jump shot with deep range and he has a solid handle, getting where he wants on the floor with minimal movements. He makes a team better, a throwback type PG.

#68 6’2” 2023 Zandae Butler
Florence, SC

Butler is a high wire act, who plays above the rim and very aggressively. He is a 2-way guy right now and may have had the dunk of the event when he put one down off the backboard in traffic (the gym shut down). Butler rebounded the ball well and gave consistent effort, playing against guys 2-3 years older. It’ll be interesting to see how much he continues to grow, but he is already producing.

#66 2020 Reaves Hooks
Waccamaw HS (Pawleys Island, SC)

Hooks just made plays. Playing with confidence, skills, and athleticism, Hooks shot the ball well and got into his shot in less than 3 dribbles. Hooks was one of the leading scorers for the day, and he consistently did so against everyone.

#60 6’2” 2020 Darius Hough
Myrtle Beach HS (Myrtle Beach, SC)

All it took was a dunk and Hough started to play with incredible confidence. Hough caught the body of the day, going chest to chest with a 6’7” guy meeting him above the rim. Hough is a tough rebounder has good ball skills and he makes all the tough plays. Liked what he did on the floor and creating. As the day wore on he got better and better, college-level type guy.