It was a fantastic weekend in Lexington for the South Carolina Jr. Phenom and Phenom 150, as players were seen and recognized by our staff.  We greatly appreciate any feedback from the kids, parents, family, and friends, as we continue to strive to be the best platform for players.

It is great to hear some of these kind words from players/ parents that attended the camp and we wanted to give everyone a HUGE Thank You for all the support.

Here are just a few kind words we received and we want to say, this all couldn’t be done without you.  We greatly appreciate any feedback you all have and will look to make our camps even better.

“It was great for my freshmen to run with upperclassmen and gain some experience and confidence before his first high school season. The fact he was recognized as a standout was really icing on the cake. He didn’t even get a chance to tell his high school coach before he found out and sent the write up to him. The experience really exceeded any expectations we had. Thank you for putting together the opportunity, and sending the inspiring video before of your son’s rise as a point guard.”

“Thank you for being the person you are and what you do for all young men. Very, very much appreciated. We will see you on 10/6 and 10/13 in Greensboro.”

“Phenom has given a lot of opportunities to get exposure to a lot of young men I witnessed it myself. Young men creating a name for themselves I always say if you want to start your basketball profile start here from a write up which every kid gets and being on social media is huge and Phenom provides the platform. I have to say I worked at numerous camps and Phenom has been the most structured and organized than many others. Enclosing it’s always great to see the game of basketball grow in the state of SC I am just happy to be a small part of a young players development by working the camps”

“I wanted to quickly acknowledge the work your team contributes to youth basketball from development, skill training, and exposure opportunities.  I began following you on twitter after my son attended the recent July All American Phenom camp… the camp exposed some great skill development opportunities and him for the first time played with kids 15-17 years old.

I also stayed through the first couple of hours and you spoke to the kids about some key foundational values coaches are looking for.  You mentioned communication being important, playing hard both on the defensive and offensive end, and having basketball IQ as areas scouts look for.  This was a HUGE message for my son to hear since coming from me it goes out the other ear.  But then you shared your son’s YouTube video a couple of weeks back which hit home for Jordan.  Your son Tyler really put things in perspective around the hard work that is required to play ball in college.  I shared this with him and he got it.  My son now has an opportunity to learn about hard work… I mainly wanted to express my appreciation for your influence on the kids and even us as parents.”

“It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for such a well-run, well-oiled machine of a camp!”

“With any camp, one goal is for players to get better not just be seen but to learn it helps players of all abilities develop athletically, refine fundamental basketball skills and enhance their skill set at the post, wing or guard position. When you’re working with all elite players with the same mindset and goals that you have it makes you push yourself just a little bit harder.  Once again a well-rounded talented coaching staff was available to run some good stations. And more importantly, teach not just run drills but teach drills. For the price, we charge what we give it to Phenom is on matched I have worked all the elite camps in America to include the national camp in  San Diego California and we just do it better than anyone else.”