NC Empire

6’6 ’21 Julius Peacock- The big man has developed rapidly over the last few months, but has been productive throughout the process. His wingspan is so long and he truly understands how to utilize it. He’s become a legitimate multipurpose defender, with the ability to protect the rim or step out to the perimeter and defend in space. Offensively, Peacock continues to kill teams from the midrange area off the catch.

6’2 ’21 Isaiah Williams- The all-around guard has an incredibly important role on this squad, given his ability to do everything on the floor. He passes, scores, handles the ball, creates offense (for himself and others), and is relentless on defense. Williams is a vocal leader with a lot of polish, IQ, and two-way ability. There is no limit to his success if he continues playing at such a high level.

Carolina Warriors

5’6 ’21 Alec Edens- Though small in stature, Edens completely embraces the abilities of a true point guard, but also has the ability to score as needed. He did a nice job breaking down opponents off the dribble and then making the correct read. Edens was especially effective in transition, where he was able to deceptively make plays.

6’1 ’21 Anthony Calloway- Alongside Edens, Calloway could be found causing problems for opponents. He is a quality athlete with the ability to get downhill and finish through contact. Most opposing guards struggled to stay in front of him, and those who did, ended up fouling him around the basket. Calloway is strong and displays a solid IQ, especially on defense.

Team CP3

5’11 ’21 Bobby Pettiford- There are few guards in the Class of 2021 with more poise than Pettiford, who simply brings “it” to this team. His talents are unquestioned and he is truly capable of anything on the basketball court. Pettiford is on another level in terms of IQ and overall feel for the game, and is incredibly unselfish.

6’6 ’21 Keyan Mims- The versatile forward is somewhat positionless, given his size and ability to do so much on the floor. Offensively, he can post-up, spot-up, create off the bounce, or make plays for others. His game truly changes based on the situation and matchup, but he really can do it all. On the other end, Mims holds a lot of value with his rebounding and ability to switch across every position.

Team Invasion

6’2 ’20 Jeremy Mull- The leader for Team Invasion was clearly Mull, who controlled the action on both ends of the floor throughout this contest. He plays with a high motor and looks to disrupt action whenever possible on defense. Mull was the most efficient scorer for Invasion, yet also led the team in total points, making him an increasingly difficult assignment on the offensive end.

Sevier County Select

6’2 ’21 Cameron Burden- Though undersized for his position, Burden is quite an interesting prospect. He’s one of the youngest players on this team and made an impact the entire game with his strength, high motor, and quality athleticism. Burden is a blue-collar type of guy and his non-stop effort on both ends of the floor are a huge part of this team’s success, especially in transition.

6’3 ’21 Wesley Maples- Few players were more impactful than Maples, who showcased a lot of offensive versatility throughout this game. He’s shaped like a tweener-forward, yet possesses the ability to score in a variety of ways. Maples handled the ball a little, initiating the offense, but really looked intriguing when looking to create scoring opportunities for himself or teammates. He plays with patience and IQ on both ends of floor.

SQBA Team Energy

6’1 ’20 Iceysis Lewis- The combo-guard was the most productive player for SQBA in this contest. He has a strong, muscular frame and truly made all of his teammates better. Lewis is an excellent athlete and high-motor worker; he fights on defense and the glass, and frequently gets rewarded for his hard-nosed approach with second-chance buckets and opportunities in transition.

Rocky Mount Mavericks

6’5 ’19 TaRod Brown- Since this team lacks a true big man, they looks to Brown to handle most of the responsibilities down low. Offensively, he scores most of his points in transition and through off-ball cuts while displaying a firm understanding for his individual skillset. Brown is a nice all-around player that can defend a variety of positions at this level, given his combination of size and athleticism.

5’9 ’18 DaShawn Liggins- Though undersized, the unsigned senior is quite important to this team, given the quality burst he provides off the bench. Liggins is quick and knows how to get by defenders with relative ease. He shot the ball well in this contest and made numerous plays for teammates. Liggins was unselfish throughout this game and showed a willingness to create opportunities for others.

Team Xplosion

6’2 ’19 Cameron Allen- The wing prospect was the best player for Xplosion throughout this contest. He plays a hard-nosed, chippy brand of basketball, and it tends to frustrate opponents. Allen can score from all over the court when necessary, but mainly looks to attack in transition. His decision-making and overall IQ is pretty solid on both sides of the ball.

Charlotte Hoyas

6’3 ’19 Christian Peters- The combo-guard is easily the most polished two-way prospect for this Hoyas team, given his strong offensive arsenal and ability to force turnovers. Peters scores the ball efficiently from all three levels, yet also showcases the IQ and ability to create opportunities for others. Defensively, he displays strong discipline and positioning against opposing guards. That being said, Peters’ scoring remains his most consistent and valuable attribute, but he does a great job of consistently getting his teammates involved.

5’11 ’19 Brayden Dixon- The do-it-all guard was great throughout this contest, scoring, rebounding, and playmaking from start to finish. Dixon hovered around a triple-double, but actually finished the game with a points-rebounds double-double, which is quite impressive given his size. Dixon creates quite well and makes strong reads in transition, especially with the ball in his hands.

Carolina Wolves

6’0 ’18 Bryce Hall- There haven’t been many players on display with a higher IQ than Hall, who is one of the most intriguing point guard options on this team. He isn’t flashy or particularly appealing to cameramen, but he’s extremely savvy and shows off a lot of playmaking ability. Hall is efficient with his touches on offense and rarely forces the action or makes a bad decision; he could be an excellent late signing for a number of quality D2/D3 programs.