The Bearcats of Rock Hill High School have undergone some grueling circumstances over the last calendar year. Between losing Jordan Wildy and graduating Saiveon Williams, things looked quite grim for this group. Fortunately, guys like Luke Bracey and Shane Blakeney have played varsity since their eighth-grade season and were more than adequately prepared to take on leadership roles. Bracey has been more of a consistent presence over the years and seamlessly fits into a glue-guy type of role with any collection of teammates. With others out of the picture, his all-around game was almost a necessity for the Bearcats to stay afloat. Meanwhile, Blakeney has always possessed intrigue to his game and began looking like a very productive combo-guard at the Upward Stars Combine prior to the season. 

Although the pairing entered the season with fire in their eyes, they finished with a 12-12 record and left a little something to be desired. Although Blakeney’s production improved mightily, his interior scoring will need to continue becoming more efficient. He was a capable passer and more than respectable as a three-point shooter from the guard position. With additional strength and repetition, Blakeney should turn into a priority for next-level coaches. On the other hand, Bracey tends to naturally affect all facets of the game with his nonstop motor and willingness to do anything to provide his team with an edge. Though Bracey is a talented high school player, it appears that his football abilities far surpass any potential ceiling on the hardwood and will likely carry him to the high-major level in college. 

In terms of the Bearcats’ direction going forward, it will largely be up to this duo to continue carrying things until the next grouping of young prospects emerge. Bracey has the identity to work alongside any type of player and find success. Therefore, it is truly up to Blakeney to take the next step forward and assert himself as the focal point. Should that happen, everything should trend upward for the Bearcats for the foreseeable future.