The grassroots basketball scene is such a unique landscape, especially given the uncommon circumstances we’ve been thrust into over the last twelve months. On one side, there are dozens of senior prospects that Division I schools should be prioritizing but prefer to hold onto offers and operate under the blind assumption that someone else is hopefully going to emerge. On the other hand, we have schools who aren’t afraid to get involved with a prospect as early as possible and absolutely will offer someone who is still (technically) in their freshman year. While it’s typically frowned upon to extend offers so early, the situation is completely different when talking about someone like Bryson Cokley of Team CP3 and United Faith Christian Academy.

Just earlier this week, we covered Cokley and his entire CP3 roster extensively, stating, “While the entire roster is truly loaded and looks increasingly likely to play Division I basketball, Bryson Cokley stood out as one the most enticing prospects throughout the gym. The appeal of a skilled, athletic, legitimate 6-foot-6 wing prospect with all-around ability should be fairly obvious. Right now, it’s difficult to find much he can’t do at a high level. Cokley is an effortless scorer from all three levels, displaying the ability to spot-up, pull-up within two to three dribbles, or create clean looks from anywhere on the floor. He’s an above-the-rim athlete with the ability and willingness to meet opponents in the air for dunks and blocks. Cokley is also a quality rebounder, passer, and overall transition player. Though he’s already extremely talented, Cokley is truly just beginning to scratch the surface of his potential greatness. Coaches should certainly be prioritizing.”

Not even twenty-four hours after that being written, UC San Diego became the first to offer the fluid, versatile 6-foot-6 wing prospect. Kudos must be in order, as very few programs have the boldness to offer a prospect so young on the high school level. That being said, it seems like an obvious offer in hindsight and only makes others within the grassroots community why other programs haven’t already gotten involved. The appeal for an all-around wing with IQ, size, skill, and athleticism should span a vast majority of Division I schools across the country. While there have been various people who have pushed Cokley, he really burst onto the scene last summer. His path from Flight 22 and Whiteville High School to Asheville Gamechangers to Team CP3 and United Faith has really allowed things to come full circle. It just took a little time for Cokley to physically develop and become the incredible all-around prospect we see today. Expect him to become a target for high major programs sooner than later.