6’7” 2019 Nick Evtimov
Greensboro Day/Team United

Evtimov has been a name that has circulated around for a while. He is a strong and very skilled post player who has always played on winning teams. He is also the son of former UNC big Vasco Evtimov and nephew of former NC State forward Ilian Evtimov. Evtimov is a brute, never worried about contact. He is a strong area rebounder and can score from the block or distribute from the high post. He is averaging 5 points and 5.5 boards on the EYBL this season, really taking a step.

Recent Offers: Lehigh, Campbell, Towson, Iona, Appalachian St, Bucknell and Colgate


6’5” 2019 Trevur Smalls
Berkeley High School/TMP Elite

Smalls has the size and he has the skill set, walking on the court he looks like a player. Standing as a lengthy 6’5” shooting guard, Smalls has the range to stretch beyond the arc and he also the athleticism to finish above the rim in transition. Knowing there is even more to go with his projectable frame he is definite by now stock.

Recent Offers: SC State, NC A&T


6’9” 2019 Mike Fowler
Greensboro Day/Team Felton

Fowler has great size that pairs well with his lengthy frame. Although he is young for his grade, Fowler is a highest level academic kid. Fowler is incredibly skilled. He shoots the ball at a high clip off the catch, is great in pick and pop situations. He has footwork on the block and is getting better every day.

Recent Offers: East Carolina, Lipscomb, IUPUI, UNC-W, Bucknell, Columbia & Hampton


6’5” 2019 Paul Hudson
Charlotte Christian/Charlotte Dragons

Hudson is a tweener who produces at the highest rate. He carries a 7’2” wing span which allows him to defend multiple positions. He rebounds the ball very well, both in and out of his area and his offensive game is strong from 15 feet and in. He has great hands and solid touch. Go ahead and mark up a double/double and consider him a future defensive stopper in college. A lot of upside here, especially with the fluid and switching ways basketball is going.

Recent Offers: Presbyterian, Navy & Hampton