by: Ethan Reece

2026 Max Van Weerdhuizen (Carolina Impact)
Max is on his way to a bright future and being the GUY in Davidson County. He takes care of every aspect of the game to some effective degree, handling high levels of pressure maneuvering through constant waves of traps and face guarding. He leads as a point guard finding others and passing them open while being a dangerous shooter from deep, and elevates his game to another tier with his gift to make his teammates better, a true separator in terms of leaders.

2026 Leem Whidbee (FBP)
Leem has the capability to be lightning in a bottle out in transition, as he is immensely quick, coordinated and athletic. His constant ability to break out and get to the basket with tough finishes is a testament to his natural feel for the game, and since last seeing him a month ago he’s showing better positional understanding and control of his energy. When tamed, he can be a guy his teammates follow naturally fueled by his sparkplug effect on the court.

2026 Marcus Green (WCBA)
Marcus’s high school is going to be very happy to see him coming up this month. No matter the level or setting, he competes with maximum effort without ever seeming like the game is out of his control. He’s a smart ball handler with initiating instincts and versatility to play inside out willingly. He’s able to outplay bigger guys with a keen ability to time his jumps as well as stay patient when making moves, and his success along with his team this spring has been top notch.

2026 William Migdal (WCBA)
This guy is an exceptionally crafty guard that plays the game like a chess match. He sees it all and moves the pieces around himself, vocally and physically. Defenders have to be aware with the ball in his hands because he makes it a habit to weave in front of guys, slicing the defense and splitting defenders and he will make you pay for any mistakes no matter the size. Like Green mentioned above, he’s a good leader for his squad that has proven dominant in our events this season.

2024 Aiden Davies (Wilmington Excel)
I really like the development I’m seeing in Davies’ game this spring. He’s gone from a dish off finisher to someone to mold their offense around, really growing into his body and gaining coordination. He’s figuring out the variables in the equation and you can see it all coming together with his overall feel and confidence, running the floor and coming in for dunks. His team’s gradual progression is a byproduct of his growth.