2026 John Slusher (Triple Threat)

Although you could say it about many on this team, John fits the modern stretch-forward profile and effectively plays his role really well. He's long and skilled with the feel to make every touch count, seemingly already knowing what he's doing with it before he gets it. He doesn't need a lot of touches to find his rhythm, creates his own looks off rebounds, and I absolutely love his court vision to push the break with outlet passes, getting the ball out and ahead over the defense for easy looks.

2027 Ben Whitley (Carolina Tritons)

No matter who the best player on the team is, point guards will make or break you. Ben brings an overwhelmingly positive presence leading at the helm that's impressive for his age. His competitiveness fuels every facet of his game, with him already giving signs of what you want from older varsity guys, particularly with him being vocal in directing the court traffic. He's a sharpshooter but clearly also had the ball skills to make plays for others and willingly does so, making all of his teammates better.

2028 Bobby Montgomery (Carolina Premier)

Confidence is a must-have for guys playing up to leave an impression, and Bobby has all that and more with a bit of swagger in how he plays. There's no shortage of shotmaking capabilities, however you want to draw it up he has the ability to get to his spots and make it happen. Whether operating on or off the ball, off the catch or dribble, breaking guys down or finding looks in the offensive flow, it's clear he has the feel and IQ for any pattern offense and can be counted on to hit the big shots.

2026 Javan Webb (TNG)

There's a lot of attributes for guys to have that can pose mismatch problems, and Javan has a bunch of them packaged together to form an overall impactful game. He has size with perimeter comfort handling the ball and seeing the floor, but it's the controlled force he plays with that is difficult to match. When he attacks the basket, the options are limited to fouling or getting out of the way because he's taking it up strong every time no matter what. He can do so much without an explosive step due to his strength with the ball in his hands and blending power moves with fluid skill.

2026 Antonio McKoy (Carolina Rockets)

Antonio is in a lonely tier at the top of just a few guys in the state as athletic as he is. He basically lives downhill and up above the rim, using his insane length to shorten the court and cover unguardable amounts of floor on both sides of the ball. His guard skills allow him to comfortably attack any matchup and has to be kept track of at all times as a lob or putback threat. It's athleticism like this that will dominate every game, but he'll never let it go to waste with his motor and wanting to be the guy with the ball in his hands.

2027 Carson Hulsizer (Mooney St Boys)

There's just a different feel to the game when Carson gets going and takes over. He has the most natural way of doing whatever he wants and seeing things ahead of time that make him an impossible matchup. He has bulk and such great control of the ball even when being closely guarded, that he can make plays at his own pace and show off his craft without being phased by what the defense sends his way. He can control so much of the game, and when it's crunch time you want the ball in his hands one way or the other, because he'll deliver and close out games as an automatic FT shooter.

2027 Tyrie Pressley (Always Be Confident)

Sheerly through the ballhawk principles he's built his game around, Tyrie is a constant impact. He has a natural sense for knowing where he needs to be to get the ball and take advantage of scoring positions. Cutting, rebounding, running the floor, forcing turnovers, he can create so many easy looks to get himself going and has the skillful finishing ability to back it up, whether he's getting the ball cleanly or in traffic. Keep an eye on this one as over time there will be so many ways coaches can use his game.

2025 Camren Reyes (Team Raiders)

There are so many impactful ways to lead a team, and Camren finds a way to blend several different methods to form a really well rounded game on both ends guys can follow the example of. He can score it and come away with tough finishes due to great body control in the air, but how he really makes a difference is with his defense and rebounding. This is a scrappy group by nature but they're not always looking to run and gun. Cam can sit down and stay in front of guys, handle bigger matchups in the post, and control the boards by always being around the ball.