by: Ethan Reece

2023 Kahlif Barnes (NL Disciples)

Kahlif is specially built for the work he does in game. His frame is chiseled and long, he shows brute strength, and makes explosive moves in the post that are hard to read or predict. His habitual crashing presence on the glass consistently produces second chance opportunities and frustrates opponents. He’s really just designed his game around being a bruiser and it’s paying off in large dividends for his team.

2023 DJ Jackson (NC Rise)

A name that is soaring under the radar, DJ has carried the majority of the offensive load so far this spring whether it be for him or others. Good things consistently happen with the ball in his hands and yet his game doesn’t solely rely on scoring, even though he’s putting up big numbers. His endless motor makes every possession a battle and he’s really versatile. He can run the point for his team while bodying up the big on the other end. You watch, his name will keep appearing a lot this spring.

2025 Nasir Gibbs (Raleigh Raiders)

I’ve seen this Raiders team several times this season and Nasir has really stood out as the glue guy for this group. He’s a versatile piece you can put in multiple positions on both ends and provides a great spark. He plays to his strengths, never settling for jumpers, is a willing rebounder and has shown the ability to really dial up the pressure and get into ball handlers. 

2022 Chamond Williams (NLPB 910)

This guy is a rare case where being smaller might actually play to his advantage. His craftiness as a ball handler is nice, and his size makes him quick and agile staying low to the ground. He’s very elusive and has great maneuverability in traffic, making defenders miss. The pace of the game stays in his hands and he caps it off with a sweet mid range pullup that he hits at a high rate.