by: Ethan Reece

2026 Tarris Bouie (Team Eat)

Having already seen flashes as a freshman this year at Chambers, he immediately came out this weekend showing why he's a name that will emerge as one of the top in his class this summer. He's a sniper from deep and has crazy length to match his skillset, with the ability to get to his spots and hit shots and make good quick reads and finishing them with sound passes. Given that he's also got 3 more years to develop in the weight room to strengthen an already well rounded game, expect to hear his name a lot in the coming future.

2026 Aidan Rousseau (WCBA)

I'm not sure many teams this season will be able to match up properly with Aidan. He's simply too versatile to be confined to one role and is too smart to not figure out the best plan of attack once he's allowed to read what the defense is doing. He's quite possibly the best passing big man I've seen in a while and has the skillset to produce in multiple schemes offensively depending on whether he gets post touches or is allowed to stretch out to the perimeter. His team is always firing on all cylinders and proven to beat the best, and he's a vital piece to that success.

2024 Cinjun Bridges (CC Elite)

An adaptable shooter could be argued as one of the most crucial pieces to a team, as every game is different depending on the matchup and how the action is trending. And Cinjun's malleability to blend his style of attacks in their Team Trezz win was admirable, especially in not being tempted into rushing a shot. He passes up good looks for better ones, created offensively when ran off the line, and knew how to finish over top the long bigs inside with touch floaters. But then essentially shooters are going to shoot, and he found his windows down the stretch to hit big ones that helped them pull away for a quality win.

2025 Sylas Coleman (Riptide Hickory)

It's no surprise for the Riptide organization to build another good team, and this weekend was certainly a great first impression for this Hickory group. Sylas was a key factor to their success and the nice thing is that his best attribute is his effort on the court. He proved more than respectable as a press topper and gave guys a lot of trouble getting the ball up the court and offense initiated through pass or dribble. He's good around the basket and with a frame and skillset that will only keep developing he should enjoy good production this spring.

2025 Logan Parker (Team Hustle)

The weekend championship and seeming dominance is telling of Logan's overall impact. It's no coincidence when good things follow someone on the court, and Logan was practically everywhere anytime anything happened. He peskily defended, rebounded, and aggressively attacked with a high finishing rate. There was simply no stopping him from doing what he wanted because he was outworking his defender. If he plays like that every time out, I see no reason why he shouldn't be a consistent top performer to keep track of.