by: Ethan Reece

2026 Coby Dillon (Team Loaded WV)

When you look at a young guard coming into HS, the idea is typically to develop and them to be able to run your offense. But Coby has as advanced of a floor general presence as you can find at this age, which will give you another coach on the floor to boost the effects on everyone else. He’s calm under pressure as a ball handler, able to stall out and direct guys for proper execution of sets while also being able to create and go off script when needed. And while he is responsible for the majority of the offensive looks, he’s dangerous moving off the ball as well as a sharpshooter that his teammates know how to find.

2025 Nathan Fife (SW15H Elite)

Easily one of the top PG’s from this weekend, Nathan has a way of feeling the whole floor and finding the right guys based off how he manipulates the defense. With his tight handle and passing ability, he’s seemingly able to navigate traffic and work the ball around until he finds just what he wants without settling. He’s a smart, patient game manager with all the pieces around him to make this offense really dangerous as he creates looks for everyone. It’s clear he’s a big reason why this team is clicking so well early on in their first season as an organization.

2025 Gavin Fields (Carolina Charge)

There are many things you could argue are the most important in basketball, but no one can deny how vital finishing at the basket is and how so many players take it for granted. Gavin was a premier finisher this weekend, converting consistently tough drives through contact and at high speed in transition. He is athletic and capable of making adjustments in the air but never does them unnecessarily, and he always finds a way to square up, play off two and find the basket with his eyes to score it. His motor and scrappy nature come up big on both ends, as he is able to turn the game into a track meet with quick hands defensively and an attacking mindset that’s always on go.

2026 Elton Smith (Carolina Rebels)

Elton got better with each viewing this weekend and simply has a lot of attributes that you just can’t teach. It was very obvious in both the 15u and 16u divisions that there was no clear 1 for 1 matchup with him due to his length, mobility, and athleticism. He had a lot of good moments as the top of the half court trapping they ran, quickly turning the game into transition opportunities where he’s a coordinated finisher and reliable ball handler. But he’s obviously a beast inside too with his reach, strength that will keep gaining, and touch along with the sense to try and dunk everything he could.