by: Ethan Reece

2025 KJ Younger (Team Hope)

There might not be a player at this event more responsible for offensive production that KJ. He has a consistently high scoring output that blends his overwhelming athleticism with deceiving finely tuned skills for a guy of his build and motor. Although he could with still noteworthy results, he doesn't rely on his athleticism to do the work for him. He has nice feel as a creator and passer that allows him to carry primary ball-handling duties and service versatility as a 'point forward'. Expect him to be a big piece Weddington works around going forward.

2025 Tyree White (CC Elite)

A lot of younger guards need to watch Tyree and take note of how he embodies the PG role. He gets that basketball can't be stagnant and stays in constant motion along with purposefully moving the ball and not letting the defense rest. His performance this afternoon was a passing clinic where he found ways to deliver crisp passes through tight windows and show off his court awareness. Despite his unselfish nature leading the offense, he supplies a consistent relay of scoring himself with pivots and touch using his body in the paint after getting defenders out of position on his quick first step.

2025 Braxton Winston (Team Hope)

Braxton is a fresh reminder that dynamic athletes can (and should) play both sides of the ball and not pick 'n choose when they play hard. His attack is primarily downhill based, but it's his strength, balance and control that makes it so effective beyond the obvious athleticism. He converts through contact, plays with motor and purpose, and brings that same intensity on defense. Gotta love someone who could light you up on one end and lock down your best player on the other, very intrigued to see how his development tracks.

2024 Devin Brafford (Team Swish)

A lot of coaches are already probably willing to take the chance on Devin at the next level based off his length, and he showed promise today as to what more he can turn into with reps and hopefully weights. He's a true 7 footer with the general sense for how he will get and stay involved throughout the course of a game. He runs the floor, follows shots and is a consistent lob threat cutting down the baseline. He was efficient with touch off his looks, mainly working off his guards and not needing to slow the game down with post ups nor unnecessarily stepping out and forcing a perimeter game trying to be a wing like the typical big on today's game.

2026 Korie Corbett (Carolina Rebels)

Difficult to find any kinks in the armor of Korie's game, as he demonstrated a proficient level of understanding and production in every area of the game. His size, strength and hustle make him a constant factor in every play with good results habitually following. The roster makeup aligns him with primarily working inside, and realistically that's perfect right now as there are very few freshman that can match up with his balanced power game and keep him off the glass. But as he moves up in high school there's no doubt he'll be a worthy perimeter threat as well based off the flashes he's shown in transition and his foundational skillset and feel.