Reece’s Standouts: Phenom Grassroots Tip-Off Classic (Day 2)

by: Ethan Reece

2024 Gage Lattimore (Carolina Clutch)
Ben L Smith High reloads every year with a loaded roster, and their 2024 class is no different. Gage is one of the lead guards and really intrigues with his versatility and willingness to produce for wins over points. He’s an athletic lefty that is at his best when getting downhill, but he knows how to work the offense. You won’t see many athletic playmakers like him be so patient in swinging the ball and finding the best looks. His approach to the game will aid his talented Carolina Clutch team to much success this spring.

2024 John Campbell (NC Spartans)
The next two years at Bishop McGuinness should be fun to watch. With the graduation of Dawson McAllahany, Campbell is primed to take over the reigns and lead what will be a very good squad of 23’s and 24’s. While not a traditional point guard, he will be the lead playmaker and has shown the ability to mold his game to any pace, using his explosiveness in transition or playing smart in the half-court. Already long, the time in the weight room is going to make it near impossible to keep him from scoring all over in the lane.

2026 Antwon Young (Next Level SC)
This young big is going to have limitless potential as he steps onto the high school landscape next year. He was the biggest and longest prospect in the 14u bracket today, but also has the athleticism of the guards. His coordination and overall feel for the game will keep coming with game reps, but he already has finesse around the rim finishing at a high rate and getting looks often as he crashed the glass. Uniquely rare that this eighth-grader plays at the rim!

2026 Tymieer Smith (Team Loyal)
Tymieer can go from 1-60 like that and gets up the court and downhill in a hurry. His speed and swiftness is unfair and simply too much to stay in front of, adding in the fact that he keeps it under control and balanced too. His lead guard abilities and decision-making are quality, and when defenders come over he’s got the mindset to dish off or pullup to adapt his game. Speed at this age under control and being optimally utilized poses such a threat.

2026 Kenan Dixon (Team Hope)
Without a doubt the best and most natural scorer you’ll see in the NC 2026 class. He pours it in all game, showing a threatening offensive prowess and has an overall touch to put the ball in the whole from anywhere. A sniper from deep, knocking down 11 threes in two games so far today but also getting whatever he wanted at the basket using fakes and moves along the way in. It will be exciting and intriguing to monitor his already explosive game over the coming years as he steps up to the high school stage at Cannon.

2026 Quh’mareon Webb (Next Level SC)
Webb was a catalyst in running their offense and the main reason they went 3-0 today to move onto the ship. The bigger guard got wherever he wanted on the court and didn’t let anybody get in his way. They had some extremely tight and intense battles, and he was the constant force delivering blows. I’d say his game was drive-centered on getting to the basket and finishing strong, which he did, but he showed good balance as well with being able to keep defenses honest with his deep ball.