by: Ethan Reece

2024 Delani Hammonds (Team Synergy)
Usually versatility is used when scouting on wings and forwards because you expect athletic playmaking, shooting and ball handling from your lead guards. But it makes sense with Delani, because he can play the point in two different ways or combine them together at the same time and provide an all around floor game. He can be a big time scorer, connecting on shots or getting to the basket, and yet somehow doesn't seem to ever be forcing the issue and solely looking for his. He's a high IQ lead guard who can handle the pressure, slice up a defense, and manufacture offense at a high rate for the entire team.

2023 Jackson Crawford (GATA Elite)
I mean this both literally and symbolically, but Jackson can be a pivotal piece for a program. His senses at the point are sharp as he displays elite court vision with a swift passing skillset, and he consistently penetrates into the paint with the kick out option at the ready. I haven't seen a guard use the sudden stops like he does so often, shielding defenders and then playing the fakes and pivots to relay options one after another. His team is loaded with shooters, and while he's also capable from deep himself, Jackson could be a double-double guy with his facilitating instincts.

2024 Desmond Kent (BSA Supreme)
Desmond has shown a lot of nice flashes with his crazy long frame. He's mobile and athletic, has confidence in his game to make things happen, and clearly has a feel for the game that is only going to get better along with the muscle he should be looking to add the next two years. Personally, looking at how things can line up and the results from this year, Desmond could be the keystone piece that puts Central Cabarrus on top next year. The Vikings struggled with the size and length of West Charlotte in the semis and with continued development, Desmond could really be the big that changes their game and adds the lone missing element to their equation.

2024 Jordan Durham (Team Push)
Coaches should be making note of Durham's game and what all he can provide, because there's a good chance he will fit into whatever system your team runs. Capable of fulfilling multiple roles in a given lineup, Durham is a long guard with patience to make plays at the right times without missing a beat in the flow of action. He can guard bigger, handle the ball to run an offense, or operate comfortably inside and finish. He's a low-maintenance guy you can rely on to lead and should be on the radar going forward.