It doesn’t seem that long ago when we said that 2023 Brock Vice was one to really watch for.  Back in 2020, Patrick O’Brien had this to say about the big man from Blacksburg high school.

“Super intrigued by 2023 6’8 Brock Vice from Blacksburg. Can’t teach size but he has a lot of tools that you have to like. Still raw but this is a kid to really watch for.” – July 10, 2020

“Absolutely love the feel from 2023 6’8 Brock Vice.  Footwork, plays well with his back to the basket, and plays like a true big.” – July 11, 2020

In fact, he was so impressive at the Teammate Hoops event, we continued our coverage of Vice here with an article: Playing like a true big: 2023 6’9 Brock Vice

Fast forward to today, Vice has seen an uptick in his recruitment, earning a big offer recently and also now looking to make a mark in Tennessee at his new high school.  We caught up with the 6’10 big man to learn the latest.

Phenom: How has everything been going as far as basketball for you? What have you been focusing on these days?
Vice: Everything has been going well.  We start practicing soon, we have been doing workouts since August and I have been focusing on ball handling and shooting.

Phenom: What’s your excitement about making your mark in Tennessee now?
Vice: My excitement is that not many people know about me around here and I’m ready to shock everyone and show them who I am.

Phenom: Where will you be playing this upcoming season?
Vice: Houston High School

Phenom: Have you been able to work out with your new teammates?
Vice: Yes sir, we have been working out since August as well.

Phenom: What have you seen with your team so far? What excites you about your teammates and team?
Vice: I have realized we are super young and I’m excited to see how we play as a team and to grow as a team.  We have a chance to be really good if we play together.

Phenom: What have you been working on with your game?
Vice: Mainly ball-handling, shooting, and my post hook.

Phenom: Since we watched you during the summer of 2020, how would you say you have grown or what areas have you improved in?
Vice: I have grown in shooting and stretching the floor better.

Phenom: Recruitment has been going well. What has been the latest with you?
Vice: Yes sir, I just got an offer from Saint Louis on Monday.

Phenom: That was a big offer. How did you hear about that and what did they have to say? What did they like about your game?
Vice: They said that they liked my ability to step out and shoot the three and my abilities to also score around the basket.

Phenom: How long have they been recruiting or showing interest your way?
Vice: They have been showing interest since this summer and I know that Coach Ford is a great coach and that they run an offense that I would fit well in.

Phenom: What other offers do you hold?
Vice: Central Arkansas and Tennessee Tech.

Phenom: Have you been able to visit any of those schools that have offered?
Vice: I visited Saint Louis on Monday and I went to a camp at Tennessee Tech.  I have not been able to get down to Central Arkansas.

Phenom: What stood out about your visits to those schools?
Vice: A very nice campus at Saint Louis and very nice facilities. I didn’t get to see much at Tennessee Tech except their nice arena.

Phenom: What other schools have been showing interest your way?
Vice: Loyola-Chicago reached out recently and Appalachian State has been in contact with me.

Phenom: What did Loyola-Chicago have to say?
Vice: They said they are excited to watch me work soon.

Phenom: What about Appalachian State?
Vice: They have been trying to get me on an unofficial but I haven’t had the time to get over there for one.