2021 6’7 Earl Burgess (Team 864) is long, strong and tough enough to impact the game on both ends inside, yet skilled enough to make the right plays as a wing with his timely and smart decisions. Consistent shooter and rebounder, who finishes inside with finesse or authority.

2021 6’6 Ben Burnham (Team CLT) is so highly skilled, with big energy and must have a basketball radar because he’s always around the ball. Great scorer all over the court off the dribble without ever over using it, finishes inside with ease and rebounds with the best of them.

2022 6’7 Anthony Sellars (TLBA) is a great scorer who will stay in attack mode slicing through the defense anyway he chooses. He’s very athletic using his driving and slashing ability to cause havoc, and able to get to the line no matter who is in front of him.

2021 6’6 Chris Ford (Mint Hill Lakers) is a high IQ player who plays with a nice balance of playmaking and scoring. He’s a wing that plays as a point forward with his great court vision and combo guard skillset that makes him so versatile.

5’11 2022 Evan Presnell (Upward Stars 704) is a highly-skilled playmaking natural point guard who plays with so much confidence on the court. He’s a headache for defenders who have trouble staying in front of and makes the right play at the right time seemingly every single time.