By: Noah McKenzie

5’10 2024 Connor Page (Upward Stars 15u McConnell) showcased his ability to be a high level point guard today. He’s one of those players that brings energy and passion everywhere on the court. When he gets in the paint, Page possesses absolutely deadly finishing moves like the euro, spin move, and hop step. He’s even better at dishing off to big men, or kicking out to his shooters on the perimeter. On defense, he shows impressive grit and competitiveness. Not only does he have the mentality on defense, but the knowledge showing impressive help side principles. After a few years, and a more developed outside shot, Page has the potential to excel at the next level.

5’8 2024 Elija Preddy (Cap City Clutch 16u) demonstrated his vast range of skills today. Offensively, he was beyond impressive hitting tough jumpers the whole game. His drive game is really strong and his athleticism allows him to elevate and execute acrobatic, physical layups. However, just as impressive was his defensive intensity. The guard did not let his smaller size affect his abilities as he locked up players all day with his quick feet and great anticipation. To round out his game, he was active on the boards and made multiple transition passes demonstrating his next level vision. The freshman has ample time to grow and build his body, so look for him to be a sought after recruit in a few years.

6’3 2023 Jai’son Williams (WBC Elite 16u) has tons of potential throughout his game. To start off, the lengthy guard is extremely bouncy and athletic. He can hit the open shot but the drive is his bread and butter. He’s gets down to the rack so quickly and has the ability to rise with both hands. He also seems to know where his teammates are and can hit the open guy well. The athleticism transfers to defense as his size allows him to cover multiple positions and defend well without blocking. The guard displayed many of the needed skills to compete at the next level.

6’5 2024 Jayan Walker (Team Loaded NC 15u) has the potential to be a household name in a few years. The freshman displays a rare combination of length, shooting, and athleticism. Offensively, he’s the full package. His stroke is so pure and he able able to hit tough turn around jumpers, pull up threes, and quick spot up shots. You add in his stellar driving ability due to his athleticism and length, and he’s a nightmare for any defense. Not only does he have outstanding skill, but the mentality of a champion. He plays with passion, determination, and hustle. Within a few years, this kid will have the scholarships rolling in. 

I absolutely loved watching 6’0 2024 Gavin Cormany of Virginia Havoc Roa 15u play! He’s got one of the most developed offensive skill sets I’ve seen all weekend. He’s one of those players who you can’t give an inch of space to, because he will hit in in your face. Doesn’t matter if that’s at the elbow or we’ll beyond the three point line. He also has stellar footwork and finishing down low to complement his shot. Defensively, the guard plays with so much grit that he’s able to shut down players bigger and taller than him. Given how young Cormany is, he should be a top level talent in a few years.

6’2 2023 Chandler Conrad did all the little things right for the 16u Charlotte Hoyas today. His length enabled him to dominate the offensive glass and in transition. He was simply a monster rebounder, always boxing out and working to get great position down low. The athletic guard was able to finish many contested layups, inviting contact and getting to the line. On the other end, he has a knack for getting steals and deflections. Hands always active and looking to push it in transition, he’s a great two way player. With a developed shot and some more growth, Conrad can turn into a nice college level wing.