Player: Caleb Senyo
Class: 2023
School: Haywood Christian Academy

A sophomore that has been impressive to say the least to start the season, 2023 Caleb Senyo has been putting up some impressive numbers at Haywood Christian Academy.  Through four games already, Senyo is averaging 30 points, 4.3 assists, 4.0 rebounds, and 5.8 steals per game, helping his team get out to a strong start in the win column.

Phenom Hoops has had multiple opportunities to watch Senyo and we have seen the development in this young man’s game.  Even back in July, Jeff Bendel wrote an article mentioning the consistent development on the court, saying this:

“For starters, Senyo probably works on his game as much as anyone right now. He’s continually made strides and addressed any weakness or deficiencies, and highlights a pretty well-rounded game from the guard position. Though Seyno has elevated all facets of his game, his ability to make a noticeable impact within a low-maintenance role is arguably one of his most valuable qualities. He displays IQ and unselfishness but also understands how to take advantage of scoring opportunities when available. Senyo’s constant work has clearly paid dividends, which should bring optimism for the foreseeable future.”

This is after we got a chance to watch him operate effectively at our Phenom 150 Camp, where this was said:

“Continuing onto a player that possesses a strong crossroads between production and long-term upside, Caleb Senyo. He’s a smart, wiry, young point guard prospect with the ability to run a team with poise and polish. Senyo can operate from either backcourt position and makes his scoring presence felt from all three levels. He defends well, fights for rebounds, and looks to make the best available play on offense. Senyo sees the game well, especially for his age, and can carve out a useful role with any collection of teammates.”

Now it seems that he is giving us a great glimpse of what he has been working on over the years and it seems to be coming early in his sophomore season.  Senyo is one that should start grabbing the attention of many with the numbers he is posting, and is quickly making himself a bigger name in a loaded 2023 class in North Carolina.