Playing out in the western part of the state of North Carolina, it can be hard to earn the recognition that others earn in a busy, populated city.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t talent.

One of those players that fit that mold is 2022 6’0 Dwight Canady out in Hendersonville high school.  Canady shows a lot of translatable skills in his game and put on a show each time he stepped out on the court, averaging 21.7 points, 6.6 rebounds, 2.9 assists, and 2.4 steals per game.

But he still is looking to prove everyone wrong, as we learned a lot about him in our latest 1-on-1 interview with Canady.

PHR: How did this past season go for you in your eyes?

Canady: It went well. We lost 2 of our key players because they were seniors and we had a young core group returning.

PHR: What was your focus coming into the season and what were you able to show your sophomore year?

Canady: To prove people wrong and to fill the shoes of our graduating seniors and be a leader.

PHR:  What was the biggest jump that you made with your game from your freshman year to sophomore year?

Canady: I showed that I have the ability to be an elite scorer and that I had the skill and confidence to take over a game. Also, I had a few dunks this year and I couldn’t dunk as a freshman.

PHR: How would you best describe your game on the floor?

Canady: I am aggressive but I also have some fineness to my game!

PHR:  What are your strengths and how do you like to attack opponents?

Canady: I can hit the deep three, the pull up mid-range, and will take you to the basket!!

PHR:  You filled the stat sheet this season. What is your mindset going into games that allows you to impact the floor so much, especially as a guard?

Canady: I feel like I can’t be stopped! And that I can get to my spots anytime I want to.

PHR:  You have been earning some interest from schools. Which ones and what have they been saying or what have you been hearing from them?

Canady: I have gotten some looks from some colleges and they have all said that they like my style of play and also how I conduct myself off the court as well.

PHR:  What drives you on the court and what keeps pushing you or what kind of focus do you have when you play the game of basketball ball?

Canady: What drives me is wanting to play at the next level and the people that doubt that I can play just because I am from the mountain area and to be one of the first basketball players from Hendersonville to get attention from some D1 colleges because we are mostly known for football and I want to put our basketball program on the map and get some respect and to show them that we can ball in the mountains too!