2024 6’5 Xavier Johnson (Fayetteville Academy):

Johnson has been a critical piece for Fayetteville Academy, as he brings a nice blend of size and continues to flourish as a consistent scorer from multiple levels. His skill set and athleticism allow him to make plays and be a presence on both ends, impact the game outside of scoring, and bring versatility to the court. He plays hard on both ends, is an active defender, rebounds well for his position, and has good body control when scoring.

2024 6’6 Tyler Showalter (Butler):

When you watch Showalter operate on the court over the years, you can see his development and confidence on the rise. He has grown from a valuable piece on the court to a clear leader, and we believe that development shouldn’t stop at the next level. Showalter is an excellent blend of size and skill, scoring from all levels, playing multiple positions, and being comfortable in many roles.  Such a terrific player on and off the court as well.

2024 6’4 Hampton Evans (Farmville Central):

Everywhere Evans goes, he brings production to the table and he helps with winning. No matter if it was at Greenfield or now at Farmville Central, Evans is one that you know will battle, play hard, and provide effort on the court. He is averaging 12.8ppg, while also having no issue battling down in the paint or stepping out at times. Evans understands how to be a strong finisher and brings a motor with his game; he simply is effective when he is on the court.

2024 6’6 Amari Latham (Goldsboro):

Here is a player that I believe could be a great steal for a program. Latham has size and length at his position, understands how to make his presence felt from multiple positions, and flourishes in several roles on the court. When we watched him this year, Latham was able to score and get to the rim but also knock down shots from the perimeter, something he is getting better at.  At 6’6 and with a strong feel for creating, rebounding, and making plays, Latham should be a target for many programs.