By: Brody Potter

2024 Isaiah Otyaluk (NC GBB):

A great athlete, with long arms. He has an impressive ability not many guys have, and that is to guard'1-4. He wreaks havoc'on defense with long arms, and great hustle. Not only is he a great defender he can score the ball on all three levels, especially from the 3pt line; he can’t be left open.

2026 Tarris Bouie (Chambers):

Bouie s a tall prospect'with great length and insane upside. Even at such a young age, he is already a leader on the team. He has a great understanding of the game and rarely makes bad plays. On the defensive end, no layup is safe while he is on the court; he flies around with great energy and is hard to score on.'

2025 Kaden Hammond (The Burlington School):

He is a physically dominant big man, who punishes anyone who gets in his way. He can rise above for the finish or take you outside and make shots from deep. He has a great shot for someone as strong as him. He always makes the right play and when someone comes to double him he will find an open teammate. Very impressive.

2024 Ty Outlaw (The Burlington School):

He was one of the most impressive'athletes I saw this weekend. He can fly above the rim or back you down with ease with his broad shoulders. He has the ability to get every rebound, protects the paint like no other, and is vital for his team’s success.

2026 Cole Cloer (Orange):

He is a guy who has unreal potential. He is young but controls the game at his own pace. He can do everything on the offensive end dangerously. He has a beautiful shot and can shoot anywhere inside half-court. He can shoot off the dribble or off the catch-and-shoot. With his great size, he can rise above anyone.

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