The Phenom Hoop State Fall League has been tremendous, and we are heading into championship weekend. But there have been plenty of storylines and players that have grabbed my attention. Even though this list could go on a lot longer, here are the top players who have left their mark on me so far at the Fall League at the shooting guard position.

2024 Langston Boyd (Cox Mill): Boyd had a very strong showing all throughout the fall league when we watched him; he was consistent, he scored the ball effectively, he was strong in creating, and simply made things happen offensively for his team. One of the clear leaders on this team who can create his own shot, get to his spots, can be lethal with his pull-up game, and simply know how to be that offensive weapon on the court.

2025 Trevor Best (Word of God): Best's performance in Week 2 was one that I simply couldn't look past, and I'm eager to see what he will be able to do this upcoming season. On several occasions now, we have seen him lead the way, bring that competitive nature to the court, and his ability to create and make plays. Best really showcased his tough mentality and competitiveness on the court, as he hit big shot after big shot as well as play hard on both ends.

2026 Markus Kerr (Chambers): Kerr has a chance to be something incredibly special. There are a lot of boxes that he checks off early on, and the potential in his game is all there. This is why his development over the years will be very interesting, but you see the flashes of what he could be. He has the positional size you like to have at 6'5, shoots the ball well from outside, smooth feel and good awareness, is capable of creating off the bounce, and so much more.  For his age, Kerr has a chance to be a big-time prospect in the Class of 2026.

2024 Champion Hayden (NCL National): Hayden is one that you know what you will get but he is consistent in what he gives you. He simply understands his ability to score the ball and do so in several ways.  Hayden can be physical and get inside the defense, can knock down shots with range, and does a great job of creating space or finishing through contact.  Hayden can fill it up and did so all throughout the Fall League.

2025 Trey Shephard (Bull City Prep): Shephard is one that left a lasting impression on me, even though I only saw a few games of his.' Shephard, coming from Atlanta, is a 6'6 prospect who absolutely filled it up, used his size and athleticism to his advantage, finished at the rim, made and created plays for himself, and scored in a variety of ways.' Each game we watched him at, he was filling it up, attacking out in transition, and making plays for himself to score.

2026 Jossiah Johnson (Fayetteville Academy): Johnson was one that I really enjoyed watching and believe that he has a chance to make a name for himself even more.  When you watch his game, what stands out already is his early college- frame and physicality as a player. He is able to get downhill, attacks the defense, finishes through contact, and plays extremely hard.  Johnson is one that if I were a college coach, I would monitor and understand how one can use him at what he does best.