We continue to track and watch prospects from all around the country, this time tuning in to Axe Euro Tour which brought the CBC (California Basketball Club) against Hoopsfix.  Getting a chance to watch a variety of all ages, here are some of the notes that we took about what we saw, as Hoopsfix was able to secure the 81-74 victory over California Club.

  • 2023 Sultan Adewale has been strong early on. A 6’8 forward has been making plays and showing his ability to operate in a variety of ways. His recruitment has really taken off.
  • 2023 Bronny James (CBC) has really improved with his overall feel for the game. Really like his decision-making and pace, knowing when to attack and get downhill, but also seeing the floor. Continuing to make those necessary strides in his game.
  • 2023 6’7 Michael Belle has played well so far today.  He is showing that he can use his size at 6’7, moving well and creating scoring opportunities.
  • 2023 Latrell Davis has been strong with his play today. The 6’3 guard has been strong with his handles and ability to get downhill to finish.
  • Been impressed with 2024 6’10 Majok Choul and what he has provided on both sides. Great size, active around the basket, on the glass… Interesting big man to watch.
  • Quinn Ellis has such a smooooooth game!! Really like what I’ve seen from him. Great pace, reads the floor well, and has a confident pull-up game from multiple levels.  Really like what I’ve seen from the 6’4 guard.
  • Like what I’ve seen from 2025 6’6 Bryce Cofield today. Obviously finishing strong at the rim but I like his blend of length, his energy, and his ability to make plays on both sides.
  • Been impressed with the flashes that 2023 6’8 Jimmy Oladokun (CBC) has shown today. Plays hard, is active in the paint, and shows flashes of his ability to finish around the basket but also make smart decisions. Uses his length well.