2026 Lance Barnes (Catawba Ridge): Barnes continues to be a young player that I believe can help a program down the road, and is one that you want to have on the court. His blend of size (6í2), overall impact, his IQ, and skill set offer a lot to his team. He continues to shine as a versatile piece, one that provides a strong motor, one that can create and make plays for himself and others, and makes tremendous decisions on the floor. He impacts the game on both ends and is one who simply helps his team when he steps on the court.

2026 Michael Jones (Indian Land): Jones continues to be a young point guard who flourishes well on the court, as there arenít too many that can match his speed, his playmaking ability, and his impact both offensively and defensively. His elite speed allows him to create well for himself, getting by defenders, creating strong off the dribble, and excelling out in transition.† The young guard has a lot to offer on the court and can be one of the toughest players to defend.

2026 Caden Coleman (Hillcrest): Our second viewing of Coleman, a new player for us at Phenom Hoops but is one that certainly is making a name for himself more throughout the state. The young guard is a playmaking guard that excels in creating for himself, attacking downhill and getting to the rim, showcasing tremendous athleticism in finishing, and understanding how to be an effective scoring option.† He continues to flourish with his ability to be an offensive weapon and showed flashes of that again at the camp.

2026 JaíQuell Brown (Goose Creek): Brown is a point guard that I believe should earn more attention and think he will throughout his high school career.† In the past, he has shown terrific feel and the ability to create extremely well with the ball in his hands. But he also surprised us with his athleticism at times to go along with his change of direction, his ability to be an effective scorer and finish tough in the lane, and simply lead the charge offensively.

2027 Josh Leonard (Wilson): What can be said about Leonard that hasnít already been said; this young sing star has so much already to his game that should make him a nationally-recognized prospect sooner rather than later. He has the size, feel and skillset, and upside that will make him a highly coveted player in the Class of 2027.† Leonard checks off a lot of boxes with his scoring ability, his early frame, his IQ and feel, his court awareness, and his overall impact and he showed that all throughout the camp.